What Minecraft Server Has SkyBlock? Answered!

OneBlock MC
What Minecraft Server Has SkyBlock? Answered!

There are many players asking: which minecraft server has skyblock? In this guide, we'll show you one of the more popular servers as well as how to start playing.

OneBlock MC has Minecraft skyblock servers with the original skyblock, as well as oneblock, which is a new type of the popular game mode. Learn about both in this article and decide which is more your style!

Minecraft Server With SkyBlock

The following server has SkyBlock in 2022:

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Go To Multiplayer
  3. Add SkyBlock Under The Add Server Section
  4. Input The Server Name And Address - play.oneblockmc.com
  5. Start Playing SkyBlock
tree farm on minecraft skyblock

Skyblock has been one of the most popular game modes for the past few years. While mini games server were once more common and popular, there are now many more skyblock servers. This means that you can be certain that the top servers, such as OneBlock MC, are of very high quality!

Skyblock survival is a fun game where you collect resources, expand your island, and adventure with players across the different worlds. As it is a multiplayer server, you can team up with friends, join parties, and work towards objectives together.

diamond helmet in skyblock

Gameplay On The SkyBlock Minecraft Server

When you join the skyblock server, you will spawn inside of the lobby. From there, there will be an option to get started and create your island. Select the type of island you play with, from the original skyblock map to a new one such as an oak house.

When you get onto your island, your first priority is to make a cobblestone generator. This will allow you to get new blocks which you can use to expand your island. OneBlock MC is one of the minecraft economy servers, meaning you can buy and sell items to level up! Complete challenges and quests to earn money, items and more to improve your island.

Unlock special items such as minions and meet new players online. By the end of the game, you will custom items and weapons, as well as a large island spanning over 100x100 blocks. Players will be visit your island if you choose and see what you have created!

All the items from the survival mode can be unlocked in skyblock! What will you create in this fun game mode which continues to evolve in new directions?

CobbleStone Generator In Minecraft

SkyBlock OneBlock Mod

OneBlock MC also features oneblock skyblock, which is a very similar game to the popular floating island map. Instead of starting with an island, you start with just one block. Break it to get new blocks and expand on your world.

It is a server-side mod which doesn't require any installations or mods! Direct connect to the server address play.oneblockmc.com to start playing.

minecraft tree in skyblock servers

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Last Updated: Mar 24, 2022

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