Minecraft Survival Tips & Tricks: Explore, Build, Survive!

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Minecraft Survival Tips & Tricks: Explore, Build, Survive!

Master Minecraft with these beginner & pro tricks! Explore worlds, build amazing structures, craft essential tools & have fun! Play with friends & customize your game!

Hello my friends! As the weather gets warmer there is only one thing on everyone’s mind…playing more Minecraft! In today’s post I will be going over some general tips and tricks that you are able to use in your Minecraft world!

These range from super basic things to some more technical things that’ll help your in game experience! Weather you are a seasoned player or just starting out on your journey, I hope these tips help you! Sit back, relax,  grab a bag of chips and let’s dig into the blog!

Exploration is Key: Minecraft is an almost infinite world that you can explore. Why stay in one area? From villages and villagers wanting to be traded with to the lush caves that lie below the surface. Though a basic statement, I found that a lot of people in their Minecraft worlds stay put in one area and don’t leave.

Build, Build, Build: Going off basic statements, building is your best friend in Minecraft! When talking to some players I found that not a lot of people built because “it didn’t look good.” Whether you’re an experienced builder or just starting out. Minecraft allows your imagination to run wild with creativity! Embrace it! Build a towering castle or a cozy cottage with a big fireplace. The sky is truly your limit here.

Stay Safe at Night: Since 2017 we have been doomed with one of the worst mobs in the game…the Phantom. This flying, hostile creature attacks players who haven’t slept in days. Unless you specifically need something during the night hours, sleep is your best friend. Furthermore, make sure to always place torches/light up your area! Punch angry mobs in the face and get some ZZZ’s to stay safe at night

Crafting is Key: Crafting is essential in Minecraft. Experiment with different materials and recipes to craft tools, weapons, and armor to help you on your journey. And don't forget about crafting tables – they're truly what starts your journey with everything.

Minecraft Camel 1.20
Minecraft Camel 1.20

Team Up: Join servers and play with your friends! One server you could play on is our very own! Playing with friends makes Minecraft so much better. The ability to team up with other players to tackle challenges, build swag structures, and explore new areas makes it a whole new game! Stop by the OneBlock realms to meet new people to play with and start your journey!

Redstone: Redstone is like Minecraft's version of electricity.  Channel your inner Thomas Edisono or Alice parker and become the best electrical engineer you can. Experiment with redstone circuits to create intricate contraptions like automatic doors, traps, and even mini-games! It's a whole new world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

Minecraft 1.20 Survival World
Minecraft 1.20 Survival World

Farm for Resources: Farming is a great way to gather resources like food, wool, and even experience points. Set up a farm near your base and start planting crops, breeding animals, and harvesting resources to keep yourself stocked up for your adventures. These farms can range from an automatic steak farm to a cactus farm that takes up the whole chunk.

Customize Your Experience: Don't be afraid to customize your Minecraft experience with mods, texture packs, and shaders. Whether you want to add new creatures, overhaul the game's visuals, or just tweak the gameplay mechanics, there's a mod out there for everyone! One launcher that gives you a lot of customization is Lunar Client. However, if you plan to play on a server be cautious of the mods you are using! Using malicious mods could get you banned and punished on the server!

Have Fun: Most importantly, remember to have fun! Whether you're building, exploring, or fighting off creepers, Minecraft is all about unleashing your creativity and having a good time. So don't take it too seriously. Embrace the blocky world and enjoy the adventure!

Minecraft is a game of endless possibilities, where the only limit is your imagination. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to mastering the world of Minecraft and having a blast along the way. So grab your pickaxe, gather your friends, and let the adventure begin! Be sure to hop on OneBlock too to try out some of theses!

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