What to Expect from Minecraft 1.21: Update Preview

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What to Expect from Minecraft 1.21: Update Preview

Discover the thrilling new Minecraft 1.21 update, Tricky Trials, featuring Trial Chambers with dungeons, unique mobs like the Breeze, and exciting new items such as the automatic crafter block.

Have you ever wondered about what you should expect from the latest Minecraft update, Minecraft 1.21? There’s undoubtedly been a great deal of hype surrounding the Minecraft 1.21 update, and as a result, many people have been looking to find out more about this exciting update. In line with this thought, today, we’re looking at some of the main things you can expect from Minecraft 1.21. Hopefully, this will allow you to make the most of the brand-new gameplay styles, too.

Introducing the New Minecraft 1.21 Update: Tricky Trials

Before we go any further, we should briefly take a look at the basics of the Tricky Trials update. Initially announced all the way back in October 2023, Tricky Trials is one update we’ve all been waiting very impatiently for, and as such, it’s something that the Minecraft community as a whole has been buzzing about for a long time.

However, while we have been treated to new sneak peeks and tidbits recently, the update is still in the works; so, there’s no new content just yet, although the update is anticipated to release in mid 2024. So, hopefully, we’ll only have to wait a few more months!

Minecraft Trial Chamber
Minecraft Trial Chamber

What is the Tricky Trials Update?

The Tricky Trials update is set to release as both Java and Bedrock editions as versions 1.21, and there’s undoubtedly a lot to look forward to! No wonder, then, that so many people have been eagerly awaiting more information about the release.

The Tricky Trials update is set to be one of the biggest updates to come to Minecraft in a while, and perhaps the biggest focus of the update is the inclusion of so-called Trial Chambers. Trial Chambers will offer a new way for players to enjoy the game, with procedurally spawned dungeons packed full of exciting loot, brand-new mobs, and traps galore that will undoubtedly pose a unique challenge.

Within the Trial Chambers, there are several new items to keep an eye out for. The Trial Spawner is the most important of these, as this feature is what makes the Trial Chambers such as challenge, spawning mobs in waves based on the players’ levels and the like. In addition, Trial keys and vaults have also been introduced as a means for players to enjoy all new benefits.

The Armored Paws Update Was Originally Part of the Tricky Trials

One notable change to the Tricky Trials update recently is that several of its features have been rolled out separately from the main update itself. Named the “Armored Paws” update, new wolf variants, wolf armor, and Armadillos were all initially planned to be part of the Tricky Trials release. However, these were instead made available on the 23rd of April 2024 on all platforms under a different update dubbed Armored Paws (1.20.5 Java and 1.20.8 Bedrock).

This move came as a shock to many in the Minecraft community, although players have largely welcomed it (and let’s be honest - we’ve already been waiting so long for the new update, so this extra tidbit is just what we needed to tide us over in the interim).

Minecraft Breeze Mob
Minecraft Breeze Mob

Extra Additions During the Tricky Trials Update

The biggest feature of the Tricky Trials update - which should come as no surprise, really - is the introduction of the new trial rooms. However, there are also several other features that are planned alongside these exciting new challenge rooms, which are still pretty exciting in their own right.

New Mobs

To start with, there are, of course, the new mobs. The Bogged is due to be released as a brand new species of skeleton mob, and even more excitingly, an entirely new mob, the Breeze, is also being introduced.

The Breeze itself will be found within the trial chambers, and this is set to be a very challenging enemy. Mojang have also promised that the Breeze will be unlike any other mob you’ll have fought before. Plus, the Breeze is also able to trigger traps and levers, etc, making them especially challenging to fight in a setting where traps are everywhere! When defeated, the Breeze can drop between four and six Wind Charges, which are a type of projectile dealing damage over a smaller area of effect. Players can also use the wind charges to supercharge their own jumps, similar to how the Breeze can launch itself.

Extra Blocks and Items

It’s not just the mobs that are worth mentioning; there are also several other exciting additions to the game. One of the most obvious is the new crafter block, which is in response to the community’s long-standing requests for an automatic crafting mechanism. The automatic crafter block can be made from iron, redstone, and a crafting block; this should help streamline the process of bulk crafting.

Another addition is the copper bulb, a new type of light source that players can manually adjust in terms of light output. As a result, this makes it an incredibly useful new tool - although it’s worth noting that the bulb will gradually dim over time. This can be paused by waxing the bulb to keep its light emission consistent, though.

New decorative tuff blocks have also been introduced. While this might be less popular than some of the other block types, it’s still worth noting - especially since they feature heavily in the trial chambers and help create their unique atmosphere accordingly.

Finally, the Mace is an exciting new weapon addition that blends seamlessly with the new game style, as it can also be combined with Wind Charges to help increase reliability. One of the mace’s most exciting features is that its damage and knockback are increased if the player has just fallen - and the further the fall, the greater the damage increase.

Final Thoughts

The Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials update has been met with a huge amount of excitement, and as such, it’s perhaps unsurprising that so many have leapt at the opportunity. However, there’s no single way to play, as has always been the case in Minecraft, meaning that Tricky Trials will definitely offer a little for everyone. So, whether you’re playing with friends or alone, you know you’ll be in for a challenging - but definitely rewarding - experience once the update releases.

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