OneBlock Hardcore Release

OneBlock MC
OneBlock Hardcore Release

We're thrilled to announce the beta release of OneBlock Hardcore for Minecraft 1.20! Join us on Saturday, 2 March!

Our team has meticulously updated the realm from version 1.16, integrating all the latest features and introducing exciting new additions. Prepare to experience OneBlock Hardcore like never before!

Seasons / Hall of Fame

Hardcore will operate on seasons, with each lasting approximately 3 months. This means that for every season, the map will be reset and changes will be made to the game to keep it fun & fresh!

Please note that this is a beta release and features may be changed, re-balanced or adjusted if required. The next season will be the first release out of beta.

The Hall of Fame will be made up of the top 3 islands at the end of each season.

The requirements are:

  • Top 3 by Island Levels
  • $10m Money
  • All OneBlock phases completed

Place in the Hall of Fame to earn Fame Tokens, which can be used at the start of a season to redeem rewards:

Island Team #1:

  • Owner - 10 Fame Tokens
  • Sub-Owner - 6 Fame Tokens
  • Member - 4 Fame Tokens

Island Team #2:

  • Owner - 8 Fame Tokens
  • Sub-Owner - 5 Fame Tokens
  • Member - 3 Fame Tokens

Island Team #3:

  • Owner - 5 Fame Tokens
  • Sub-Owner - 3 Fame Tokens
  • Member - 2 Fame Tokens

Fame Token Shop:

  • Monthly Crate - 5 Fame Tokens
  • Limited Crate - 3 Fame Tokens
  • Top Crate Key - 2 Fame Tokens
  • Limited-Time Cosmetic(s) - 1 Fame Token
OneBlock Hardcore - Lobby
OneBlock Hardcore - Lobby

Rule Reminder! Any player found to be cheating will have unfair gains removed and receive a punishment in-line with our rules.


Die and get sent to purgatory! Complete three challenges inside the Purgatory world to earn your freedom and return back to the game. Purgatory replaces death bans which are no longer in the gamemode.

The Ruins

Face off against a horde of new zombies to earn money and loot on your OneBlock quest. Ruins Chests will spawn frequently in the arena and can be opened with keys obtained from the zombies. These will contain much more overpowered loot in comparison to normal zombie drops! The Ruins also provides an alternative way to earn money, as you'll receive cash for every zombie you kill!

Minecraft Hardcore - Zombies
Minecraft Hardcore - Zombies


Hardcore will be our first realm to include a Hybrid Economy! It will contain:

  • Fixed Shop: Purchase a variety of items & blocks which are always on-sale
  • Dynamic Shop: Sell items at increased prices, with new items available every 3 days
OneBlock Hardcore - Lobby
OneBlock Hardcore - Lobby

OneBlock Phases

Phases have been re-worked to make it easier to progress and contain various QoL tweaks:

  • Beginner: 0 Blocks
  • Underground: 50 Blocks
  • Winter: 200 Blocks
  • Desert: 500 Blocks
  • Ocean: 1,250 Blocks
  • Jungle: 2,750 Blocks
  • Mushroom Forest: 4,750 Blocks
  • Mesa: 8,000 Blocks
  • Peak: 11,500 Blocks
  • Lush Cave: 16,500 Blocks
  • Meadow: 23,000 Blocks
  • Cave: 31,000 Blocks
  • Sculk Cavern: 40,000 Blocks
  • Soul: 50,000 Blocks
  • Fortress: 60,000 Blocks
  • Nether: 70,000 Blocks
  • Delta: 80,000 Blocks
  • End: 90,000 Blocks
Minecraft Building Blocks
Minecraft Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Unlock a range of new building blocks including terracotta bricks, ice bricks, new wool blocks and much more! These blocks can be obtained in the Credit Shop as well as crates!

Quests / Custom Enchants

Work your way through a series of quests and unlock the following custom enchants along the way:

  • Carrot Planter
  • Glowing
  • Planter
  • Potato Planter
  • Thick Skin
  • Timber
  • Feather Step

Custom Enchantments will only be obtainable from quests.

Other Changes

  • Crates QoL: New prize vault to store prizes and prevent you losing items to drops. New toggle to choose between opening all crates or opening them individually.
  • Infused Spawners: Boost your spawners with Infusers! Increase the amount of loot & experience dropped by spawner mobs.
  • Performance: Improved server performance and made internal improvements to features such as mob stacking!
  • Implemented a variety of new features from other realms including the Enchanted Lagoon, Cosmetics & more!
  • Death bans have been removed and replaced by Purgatory!
  • Kits: New kits menu which displays when kits will be off-cooldown and allows you to claim multiple kits more easily.
  • Pets (/pets) have been removed from the game, as we are in the process of developing a new Pets system, which will be released to all realms in the near future!

Server Meta

  • Version: 1.20
  • PvP: Latest (1.9)
  • McMMO (Edited) McMMO will exist for levelling & party chat only. There will be no abilities or skills, but you will be able to see where you stand in the leaderboards!

1.16 Winners

Hardcore 1.16 released in May 2021, and has welcomed a huge number of players over the years. Here are the top players from the season:

Top Balances:

  1. landkrabben1
  2. Hardcore_Player1
  3. FedAy
  4. jacksonw26
  5. MBlades

Top mcMMO:

  1. TKDuckling
  2. landkrabben1
  3. Blaumeo
  4. Elilonn9
  5. otakurameno

Top 3 Islands:

  1. FedAy (& MBlades, MikeOcaine, hulull)
  2. landkrabben1
  3. LusseBulleLovi (& lillcait)
  4. Dooneh (& Excisely)
  5. TKDuckling

Each member will receive an exclusive tag on the new season of Hardcore as well as 3x Top Crate Keys. Congratulations!

We look forward to seeing you online for a new Hardcore adventure!

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