About Us

Welcome to OneBlock MC! Learn about us and how we implement our Minecraft server games.
About Us

Voted #3 Minecraft Server in the world (May 2021), OneBlock MC offers a variety of high-quality and safe multiplayer games for all to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and believe this sets us apart from other Minecraft servers. We regularly bring out new gamemodes each with different sets of features, keeping the game fresh for our regular players.


  • Solo & Team Games
  • Safe Chat Filter
  • Fast Ticket Support
  • Regular New Releases
  • Fun Events & Competitions

What makes us different from other servers?

  • No unexpected server resets
  • In-house development team to resolve bugs as quickly as possible
  • Varied realms with different feature sets

OneBlock MC Server Realms

  • OneBlock: Galaxy
  • OneBlock: Abyss
  • OneBlock: Hardcore
  • OneBlock: Pandora
  • Survival Multiplayer

Our mission is to

  • Create a community that all players feel welcome in
  • Build a positive environment to add to the escapism that Minecraft provides
  • Listen to and implement feedback provided by our players

OneBlock has servers located in the United States with staff members from all over the globe. Our game server chats are moderated to prevent toxicity and to foster an inclusive environment. All of our game servers are backed up daily in order to prevent data loss and unexpected resets. Support is provided in-game or via support tickets on our discord server.

Chat in our discord server to get to know us, see server updates, meet other players, or simply post your favourite memes! We hope you enjoy playing OneBlock MC.

Minecraft Server IP: play.oneblockmc.com


OneBlock MC is a trading name of Voldex Entertainment Limited.

Registered in England and Wales.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2023

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