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Frequently Asked Questions
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Table of Contents

Frequently asked questions about OneBlock MC on Minecraft.

How do I teleport to my claim in survival? I died and I didn’t set a home.

Run "/claimlist" and press the purple TP icon.

My OneBlock disappeared in game! What do I do?

You can just place a block where the block was and mine it!

How do you leave a team?

To leave a team, run "/ob team leave".

How do you sell vote keys in game?

Take a chest and punch it with the key in your hand. Before putting in the price you want to sell it for in chat, switch the key in your hand for another item, then put in the price.

How do you add players or trust players?

On Survival, run "/trust <playername>".

On other realms, "/team <playername>" – Important! If you join a team, you will lose your solo island permanently.

How To Invite Players To Your Island In OneBlock SkyBlock

How do I apply for staff?

You can apply for staff by opening a staff application ticket in our discord server:

Please note that you need to be 16+ as well as play on a Java account. You will receive a response, where you will be informed if you have been invited to an interview, or you have been denied.

Do beds explode in the nether?

No they do not. Explosions are turned off in both survival and ob classic where the nether is readily available to be explored!

I died! What do I do?

You can do "/return" or "/back" to be able to go to the spot that you died in. Be careful because they have a cooldown!

Where is Keep Inventory?


How do I create a shop?

How to create a Shop in One Block SkyBlock

I lost my item by trying to apply an enchant/threw it over the void? Can I get it replaced?

Unfortunately, this is due to player error and means that we are unable to replace the items.

I lost an item due to server error, can I get it replaced?

If you have sufficient proof an item was lost due to server error, then yes, we are able to replace this. We would require a screen recording or a screenshot as well as a detailed explanation of how this item was lost. This can be done by making a ticket on our discord chat.

How do I report a suspected in game violation?

Join our discord at Link your account by following the instructions in #link-account. After this, you have access to #support-tickets and press the emote to create a ticket! Be sure to provide sufficient proof.

Does this server support cracked accounts?

No we do not.

Does this server support Minecraft Bedrock?

Yes! See how to play minecraft bedrock servers.

What’s the latest version can I play on?

OneBlock MC uses the latest version of Minecraft at all times. Play on 1.16+ for the best experience (Feb 2021).

What is a vote party?

Run "/vote" in-game to vote for the server. Each server has either a vote party or a pinata party each time the vote goal is reached in-game. Participate by being online when the vote party is occuring!

What mods are you allowed to have in the server?

Mods which do not effect gameplay. VR, OptiFine, Shaders, Schematica (NO PRINTER), etc.

What is the difference between helpers and jr mods?

Helpers and jr mods are both staff members. Helpers and jr mods both have relatively the same role and are there to help you out when you need it! To contact a staff member make sure to open a support ticket in our discord server. Junior Moderators, Moderators & Senior Moderators are more experienced staff members who you will also see in-game and in tickets! All are integral to the staff team and we appreciate all the work they do!

Where do you redeem your rewards for /refer? What is this and how does it work?

Run "/refer" to get your unique invite link. Your friend must join on that IP only for you to be rewarded.

  • Redstone Rank - 5 Referrals
  • Custom Tag - 10 Referrals
  • Gold Rank - 15 Referrals
  • Diamond Rank - 20 Referrals
  • $50 Gift Card - 25 Referrals

You can redeem your reward by screenshotting "/referral" and making a ticket in our discord server

Where can I get tags?

Get a large variety of tags in-game from the Credit Shop. Run "/c shop" in-game.

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2021

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