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Vote for OneBlock MC and get Minecraft rewards every day. Head to each vote site below.
Vote for OneBlock MC

Enter your Minecraft name on each website below for the most rewards:

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Monthly Gift Card Competition

top voters oneblock mc banner

Each month, the top voters will receive store credit:

  1. $50 Store Credit
  2. $40 Store Credit
  3. $20 Store Credit

Make sure to vote on every website to have the highest chance of winning!

How to vote

  1. Open a vote site by clicking each of the green buttons above
  2. Click the 'I'm not a robot' box and complete a quick quiz if requested
  3. Enter your Minecraft Name
  4. Submit vote!
  5. Wait 24 hours and you can do it again!

Vote rewards

The rewards vary by each server, however, usually you will receive a Vote Crate Key on every site. You can redeem it by running "/vc" and then running "/crates" to open the crate for a reward!

Examples of prizes

Money, XP, Enchantment Books, Credits and much more.

Play Minecraft now

Just browsing? Play the OneBlock MC minecraft server now! You could even vote and take advantage of the vote rewards when you join. We also offer gamemodes such as a Minecraft Survival Server and an Arcade Server.

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