😁 Server IP: play.oneblockmc.com 😁

Play the popular One Block Minecraft Gamemode on our Minecraft Server.

  1. Open Minecraft (version 1.15.2 is best!)
  2. Click "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"
  3. Enter the OneBlock MC details:
    Name: OneBlock MC
    Server Address: play.oneblockmc.com
  4. Done! Click to join.

How to Play

When you join OneBlock MC, you will arrive at the lobby. Here you can start your OneBlock Skyblock adventure.

We recommend playing on the latest version of Minecraft at all times. We regularly update our server so you can enjoy the latest blocks and items!

How to get OneBlock Minecraft

You can play OneBlock simply by joining play.oneblockmc.com. There are no mods or installations required. You will receive your own island in a multiplayer world.

OneBlock SkyBlock Server

In SkyBlock you start with a large island, but with OneBlock you get just one block.

It respawns with new items every time you break it. You can identify your OneBlock by looking for the block with green particles. This means that new items will respawn there!