OneBlock SkyBlock: Minecraft Servers, Tips, Tricks

OneBlock MC
OneBlock SkyBlock: Minecraft Servers, Tips, Tricks
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Dive into the ultimate OneBlock SkyBlock experience! Master the game with our expert tips, tricks, and comprehensive gameplay guides. Join the #1 ranked server for top-tier OneBlock adventures.

How to Play One Block SkyBlock

  1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition

  2. Click "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"

  3. Name: OneBlock MC
    Server Address:

  4. All done! Click to start playing.

Bedrock Edition

We also support oneblock bedrock edition on OneBlock MC. This allows you to play on the mobile version of Minecraft! Open your game and head to the servers section. Input the below server address to join.

  • External Bedrock Server

    Name: OneBlock MC
    Server Address:

How To Play One Block With Friends?

Multiplayer servers allow you to play with friends for free. Head onto a server such as OneBlock MC and create an island. Invite your friends by running the /team command.

OneBlock With Friends

What is OneBlock?

In SkyBlock you start with a large island, but with OneBlock you get just one block. It is available to play for free on top of Minecraft. It respawns with new items every time you break it. You can identify your OneBlock by looking for the block with green particles.

This means that new items will respawn there! Make sure you play with sounds as mobs can spawn from the oneblock too. They will let you know they are about to spawn with a small hiss.

You can switch island phases once you have unlocked them, too! Need to go back and get some snow blocks? No problem. Simply run /phases on many oneblock skyblock servers. Progress all the way through 11,000 blocks and 12 island phases.

What Is The Multiplayer Server IP For Oneblock Skyblock?

To play the #1 rated server, open your Minecraft and head to multiplayer. Add the server name OneBlock MC and server address

Multiplayer OneBlock Server

How To Get OneBlock?

There are two options: the singleplayer map or a multiplayer server. Singleplayer is a solo map download containing just oneblock. Multiplayer servers offer both solo and team gameplay, with new features such as new enchantments. Singleplayer maps can be downloaded and loaded into your Minecraft, while multiplayer servers can be played from the Minecraft menu.

Are There Games Like OneBlock?

Yes, there are lots of other gamemodes which are great for players who love OneBlock. For example, in OneChunk, instead of a single block, you are given a single chunk. It contains various layers which go from the sky to bedrock which you can use to gather resources and expand your island!

How Long Is 1 Block?

The oneblock skyblock game contains 12 island phases. There's an average of 1,000 blocks in each phase. As each block can take a few seconds to break, this gives you a rough idea of how long the game is. Phases can be repeated.

OneBlock Server Tutorial

When you play minecraft servers such as OneBlock MC, there are different types of commands available in each game.

The games also include a menu which is key-binded to your [F] Key (off-hand slot). From there, you manage just about anything you need on the server. From teaming to crate keys; it is all in the menu.

For expert players, here are some of the common commands:
/spawn - Head to the server spawn
/team  - Team with another player
/warp  - Warp to server locations
/sethome  - Set a waypoint which you can teleport back to
/home  - Teleport to your waypoint
/ench - Open the magic enchanter

OneBlock MC Server

Is One Block SkyBlock Free?

Yes! Both the singleplayer map and multiplayer versions of the game are free to play. There are addons available in the game to help fund development, maintenance and support.

How To Get A One Block World In Minecraft?

Go to the multiplayer section of Minecraft and direct connect to the server IP address Join the Minecraft server network and choose a one block game. Create a oneblock skyblock island to get your own world and start playing!

What To Expect When Joining Minecraft Servers

When you join OneBlock MC, you will arrive at the lobby. Here you can start your multiplayer adventure! All of our gamemodes are completely seperate. This means you can switch between different games to enjoy a different type of play. Wanna chill out? Head to Survival. Wanna team up with crews and rule the world? Check out our Minecraft Lifesteal Server.

We recommend playing on the latest version of Minecraft at all times. We regularly update our server so you can enjoy the latest blocks and items. All of our Minecraft servers are currently running on version 1.20 (January 2024) and include new nether blocks, the aquatic update and more.

Minecraft servers

Which One Block Is The Best?

OneBlock MC has been voted as the #1 oneblock server for the majority of its existence. With various different gameplay realms, from hardcore to the casual atlantis type realms, there's a game for everyone. Played by youtubers including aCookieGod and TikTokers such as JoofyLooby.

How To Make One Block In Minecraft?

You cannot recreate the OneBlock map in a traditional vanilla Minecraft world. You need to play a map with the specific data pack attributes. The simple alternative is to join a OneBlock Minecraft server. It gives you many more features than the map so you can have more fun!

OneBlock MC IP

  • Java Edition:
  • Bedrock Edition:

OneBlock With Mods

Enjoy the oneblock gamemode? Looking for fun new addons such as new items and islands? Available without any additional downloads or installations, many oneblock skyblock servers offer lots of fun modifications to the game.

Econonomy mods on oneblock multiplayer

One Block Survival

The game mode takes SkyBlock and puts you on a fun survival journey. Work your way through all the island phases while expanding in survival mode. Use the blocks you've mined to expand your base, create homes, farms and more.

How Many Phases Are There In One Block Minecraft?

There are 12 island phases in oneblock as standard. Work your way through the game. You start by mining blocks such as cobblestone and finish with blocks such as end stone. Unlock monsters and items such as Enderman from your oneblock along the way too!

How To Skip Phases In One Block Minecraft?

Available exclusively to those playing on OneBlock MC, there is the /phases command. Once you have unlocked a phase, you can head back to it with the command. You can also use this to skip certain phases or to farm a certain block!

What Is The Server IP For 1 Block Skyblock?

If you're playing on Java edition, the IP is If you're on Bedrock edition, use Always use the latest version to ensure it is compatible.

What Can You Do On OneBlock MC?

  • Create a OneBlock SkyBlock base
  • Build houses, spawner farms and more
  • Team up with other players
  • Co-operate on builds, events and competitions
  • Tinker items with 200+ new enchantments
  • Buy and sell as part of the massive economy
  • Complete quests and missions
  • Take part in the large voice community of 10k+ Discord members
  • Play different versions of oneblock including hardcore

How Good Is Oneblock For Multiplayer?

There are various benefits to playing oneblock on multiplayer. First of all, there is no map or installations required. This means there is no risk of a virus. Your progress is automatically saved by the server and you can pick it up from a different device.

Multiplayer oneblock adds dozens of new features to the game that are not available in the singleplayer map. These include a full economy, auction house, 200+ new enchantments, new island options and more. Explore out onto the adventure islands and take on Minecraft bosses.

Original OneBlock

If you like a vanilla oneblock experience, realms such as Cookie are much closer to the singleplayer map. Play solo and enjoy the freedoms of no installations or downloads, without taking part in all the new gameplay addons.

OneBlock For 1.20

OneBlock is always running on the latest version of Minecraft. You can play on any version from 1.16 - 1.20 and start your adventure.

How To Set Up One Block Skyblock?

Once you have joined OneBlock MC, start the game by crouching on the block and breaking it to farm the starting blocks. Your first priority should be building a wall around the one block to prevent blocks from falling into the void. Once you have completed this step, expand your base just like survival.

skyblock oneblock

How To Get Water & Lava In One Block Skyblock?

If you are playing on the OneBlock MC server, water and lava can be obtained from the server shop. Run the /shop command to purchase these items. They can be bought in bucket form. If you are playing on the map, these items can spawn on the oneblock.

How To Restart One Block Minecraft?

Run the /ob reset command in-game to reset your oneblock island. Once confirmed, you will restart the game at the start. Please note that you may lose items and tools when you restart!

Last updated: January 3, 2024

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