One Chunk Minecraft Guide, Multiplayer Server & How To Play

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One Chunk Minecraft Guide, Multiplayer Server & How To Play

See what OneChunk is, how to play, the multiplayer servers, gameplay tips as well as answers to the most frequent questions.

What is Minecraft OneChunk?

Minecraft worlds are made up of chunks. Each one is 16x16 and goes from the void to the top of the terrain. In One Chunk, the map only contains a single chunk! You must survive and work your way through Minecraft using the limited area you are provided. This is different to traditional Minecraft, where you can explore and gather materials almost infinitely.

OneChunk Island
OneChunk Island


Being limited to a single chunk can make it much more challenging compared to traditional Minecraft. Everything takes place in your chunk, including resource gathering and securing food.

However, multiplayer servers add new mechanics which make it more of a quest based game! There are additional chunks which you can travel to in order to collect different resources, new items, and materials to use on your island. It provides more structure to the game and many would argue that it makes it more enjoyable!

Building is also different when you are playing OneChunk. Unlike Survival servers, where you can hunt for the perfect place to start a base and create it on the terrain, you must build from your chunk. This is similar to SkyBlock, where your base is built out from your island.

How To Play

  1. Open Minecraft Multiplayer
  2. Direct Connect:
Village Layer OneChunk
Village Layer OneChunk

Tips & Tricks

  • Cobblestone Generator: Like SkyBlock, your OneChunk island is in the sky. Therefore, creating a cobblestone generator can be useful to generate blocks infinitely. Place water and lava side-by-side to create cobblestone. When you mine it, a new one will appear!
  • Lighting: To prevent monsters from spawning, ensure that you create lots of lighting. Place torches and light sources including sea lanterns. Monsters cannot spawn unless the area is dark enough.
  • Water: If you fall from your base, you will lose your items to the void. Water can be used to place streams which go to the bottom of the world. If you fall, you can fall into the stream and then swim back up. If you wanted to be extra cautious, you could surround your island in water!
  • Farming: Without natural terrain to explore for food, farming is essential to. Use the crops found on your chunk to setup a farm at the start of the game.
  • Redstone: Redstone can be used to setup auto-sorting chests and automate basic tasks.
  • Private Vaults: When on a multiplayer server, take advantage of the extra storage space which private vaults provide. You can store hundreds of items in there without using any space on your island and they are protected from other players!
  • Minions: Minions can complete small tasks on your island such as farming crops or slaying nearby monsters. Read more about the Minions Update.
  • Enchantments: On multiplayer, there are dozens of new enchants which can be unlocked and used to level up your experience. From basic enchants such as Auto Smelt to more advanced options such as Jelly Legs, which can negate fall damage.
OneChunk Multiplayer Server
OneChunk Multiplayer Server

Multiplayer Servers

OneBlock MC is one of the top-rated Minecraft networks with a variety of popular gamemodes. Start playing today and join hundreds of other online players!

Java Server IP:

Bedrock Server IP:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a One Chunk world?

To play OneChunk, you can join a multiplayer server and get started in under 30 seconds. If you play on multiple devices, you don't need to worry about losing your world. Alternatively, you can download and map and install it inside your Minecraft saves folder.

Do you need a seed to play?

Seeds are used to determine the terrain of your Minecraft world. To play OneChunk, you need to join a world which is designed for the gamemode.

One Chunk Desert Layer
One Chunk Desert Layer

Do you need to stay inside the chunk?

That is up to you! If you are looking for a pure experience, feel free to play within the boundaries of your chunk. However, multiplayer servers allow you to expand your island and go beyond the chunk that you start the game with.

Can you play on Bedrock edition?

Yes! To play OneChunk on Bedrock edition for free, go to Servers -> Add External Server -> Address:

Alternatively, you can purchase a map from the Minecraft marketplace store on Bedrock only.

One Chunk Nether Layer
One Chunk Nether Layer

What layers are there?

  • Top Layer: A pond and a tree on a flat surface which you can start building on
  • Village with crops
  • Mesa
  • Desert
  • Aquatic
  • Stone-based ores
  • Deepslate-based ores
  • Cave
  • Nether
  • End

Which version is it?

OneChunk can be played on the latest version of Minecraft.

Last Updated: May 31, 2023

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