Community Rules

We want OneBlock MC to be a safe and fun place for you to play Minecraft. We need your help to keep it that way.

Please note that as Minecraft is a child-friendly game; our rules reflect that as well.


Using slurs, offensive terminology, stereotypically indecent content or disrespecting a group of people for a certain characteristic which can include but not limited to their race, gender, age, sexual orientation etc. is not tolerated on the server and can result in a PERM BAN. OneBlock MC has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.


Spamming is the repetitive use of the same sentence/word multiple times this includes but not limited too; characters, letters, numbers or phrases. This can result in a MUTE.


Any form of hacking including but not limited to; hacked clients, auto-clicking, keybinding, kill aura, utilizing glitches to achieve results beyond normal mechanisms will result in being BANNED from the server.

Client Modifications

We do not provide a list of disallowed modifications, a general rule of thumb is that any modification that provides a significant advantage to the player is not allowed.

Approved Modifications - Optifine, Shaders, F3-B, Armor Status, Effect Status, HudPixel, 5Zig*, Lunar Client, Badlion Client, Animation Mods (Orange's Animations), Replay Mod.

Using any other modification is at your own risk and you may be banned if we deem the modification to be an advantage. You can suggest for us to approve modifications on the feedback site.

Excessive swearing

While swearing is allowed on the server, swearing consistently in chat or towards a player will result in a MUTE.


Avoid scamming by using /trade on applicable servers. Tricking players into giving you items or money by using dishonest methods such as renaming items, not fulfilling trades, different items than what was advertised, etc. It can result in a BAN.

We do not moderate "IRL deals" or deals made using our server store, as they are often made off of OneBlock MC platforms.

We do not moderate pvp fights, you understand the risks when going into pvp. It's completely up to the player if they want to return your items or not.

Disrespecting players

Threatening, bullying or calling players names which could be considered offensive can result in a MUTE. If offensive language/threats are so intense the punishment may also result in a PERM BAN. OneBlock MC does not tolerate toxic behaviour.


Posting links/names of other servers, live streams or videos that are not official OneBlock MC accounts or partnered content creator, as well as any other form of advertising such as IP addresses. This can result in a PERM BAN.

Inappropriate behavior

Inappropriate builds, inappropriate skins/capes/names and inappropriate chat behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to, drug references, sexual material, and discriminative builds. It will be down to the discretion of the senior staff team to be deemed inappropriate. Any inappropriate material found on islands with multiple occupants will result in ALL members receiving the same punishment. Doing this may result in a BAN.

Auto-clicking / keybinding

Using third-party hardware or software in order to click faster/not manually click. These include but are not limited to; autoclickers, using a double-clicking mouse, drag clicking or rebinding your attack button to another key on your keyboard - Including Minecraft’s mechanics to rebind keys. Auto fishing farms using automatic methods are also not permitted. Using these methods will result in a BAN.

TP / island trapping & killing

Teleporting someone to you and trapping and/or killing them. This also includes trying to trap players in places such as nether portals, which can result in a BAN.

Killing outside PVP areas

Using a bow to kill from outside a PvP area gives a significant disadvantage to those currently in the pvp area especially when we want to make PvP as fair and as skilled as possible! This can result in being BANNED from the server.

Chat language

OneBlock MC is an English server which means all of our staff team speak English. The chat is to be kept English; allowing our staff team to monitor the chat and keep our players safe!

Harassment & sexual harassment

Harassment is unwanted behaviour designed to intimidate, make others feel uncomfortable and to cause offence to other players. This includes but not limited to asking people personal questions, pestering people once been told to stop and using unwanted language to a player. This could result in being MUTED/BANNED from the server.

Bypassing the AFK Kicker

AFK Bypassers are circuits of Water, Minecarts or Pistons which push player/s around to avoid the AFK Kicker. Whether the Bypass is in use or not will still result in a punishment and will be removed from the island by the senior staff team. This also includes other means of AFK bypassing such as auto jumpers, anti afk hacks, and all other means which deem to be attempts of bypassing the AFK Kicker.

Exploiting bugs

Exploiting bugs or glitches to gain advantage over other players. This includes and not limited to Block Glitching, Vanilla glitches and Server Plugin glitches. This may result in a BAN.

Punishment evasion

Trying to access the server once banned using another account or talking once muted will result in further consequences such as being increasing the MUTE.

Staff impersonation

Pretending to be a staff member with either similar names, skins or claiming to be staff in order to gain advantage over others. It can result in a BAN.

Closing notice

It is your responsibility as a player to know the rules of the server and regularly check this document for any changes that have been made. Once changes to this document have been made they will apply to all offences committed after the time of amendment.

You are also responsible for your island/claim and/or any residents you have within it. Your responsibilities includes but not limited too; inappropriate builds/content on the island, permissions/settings of the island, AFK Pools, Auto-Fishers,

Punishments may differ from the usual Punishments given; this will have been authorised from the senior staff team.

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