Dive into The New OneBlock Universe

OneBlock MC
Dive into The New OneBlock Universe

The new chapter of OneBlock starts here. Up to 1000 players in one world. New Pass, Enchants, Skills, Armor Sets, Perks and more. Bi-weekly content updates as part of an ever-evolving OneBlock universe!


For the first time in years, all players will unite on the same OneBlock server, now with the capacity to hold up to 1000 players online simultaneously. With all our attention dedicated to this single server, you can look forward to bi-weekly content updates and continuous improvements. Each season will last for approximately 6 months.

OneBlock Server Build
OneBlock Server Build


Get ready to embark on an all-new quest system with the OneBlock Pass, designed to keep you engaged and challenged throughout your OneBlock journey. Here’s what’s in store:

Daily, Weekly, and Season Quests
Work your way through an array of quests, updated daily and weekly, as well as season-long challenges. Each quest completed earns you Pass XP, helping you level up your Pass and unlock exclusive rewards. You can also earn Pass XP from mining your OneBlock!

Seasonal Themes
Our first Pass season follows a general theme to kick things off. In the future, look forward to themed passes released between new seasons, giving you fresh and exciting content to grind for year-round.



Level up with our new Skills system, allowing you to level up a range of skills including Mining, Combat, Fishing, Armory and more! Unlock perks such as Potionmaster, where brewed potions will last longer, giving you more time to benefit from their effects.

Minecraft Parkour


Dive into our new Enchants system, introducing lots of new enchantments to your OneBlock adventure. Unlock new enchants such as Lumberjack, which will chop up to 24 trees at once, or Skull Puncture, which deals increased headshot damage.

Item Previews
Item Previews


Step into the PvP Arena with confidence with our new Armor Sets, each offering powerful bonuses. Will you don the new Reaper Set, which deals 25% more damage when worn as a set and it also boosts your Strength stats!


We have created a new OneBlock island system which brings a range of performance improvements behind the scenes. This also allows us to add cool new features to islands; such as custom blocks in phases and more in the future too!

UI Preview
UI Preview


  • New OneBlock commands, such as /visit which allows you to visit islands directly without the need for a sign
  • New OneBlock systems, which are made far easier to manage than in the past
  • New Money, Skills & Kills leaderboards in the lobby
  • All-new set of Builds
  • More customization for smaller features including Vaults
  • New UI, with a full UI overhaul to be completed over the coming months


As this is a complete re-do of OneBlock, you may notice that some commands or features work differently than before. We will be listening to your feedback after the release and will be regularly updating the realm with new content!

This will include the Minions Overhaul which will be out after the release; and in the future we will be doing a full overhaul of Planets! This is just the beginning of a new chapter for OneBlock, and we are grateful to have you along for the ride!

One block. Two block. One thousand block.

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