OneBlock SkyBlock in Minecraft 1.21: What to Expect

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OneBlock SkyBlock in Minecraft 1.21: What to Expect

The OneBlock SkyBlock challenge in Minecraft 1.21 will bring new twists with the update's features. New mobs and items will make your game even more exciting. Learn how to navigate these changes and enhance your survival skills.

The OneBlock SkyBlock survival challenge mode is undoubtedly one of the hardest ways to play Minecraft - but with the upcoming release of the Minecraft 1.21 update, you may be wondering what will change. Well, today, we’re taking a look at some of the exciting new features that are anticipated for the Minecraft 1.21 update and how this might influence your OneBlock SkyBlock gameplay. You might just find that it changes how you play entirely!

What is the OneBlock SkyBlock Challenge?

Before we go any further, we first need to briefly mention what the OneBlock SkyBlock challenge is. OneBlock, as the name would suggest, is a unique Minecraft challenge that is characterized by the fact that the player starts on just a single block, and with each block removed, a new one immediately respawns.

This makes space incredibly limited in the OneBlock SkyBlock challenge, especially to start with - presenting a whole new level of difficulty. However, Minecraft 1.21 is set to roll out shortly, which begs the question: will a Skyblock challenge still be possible? And, if so, how will the new features tie in?

Minecraft Trial Chamber with Tree
Minecraft Trial Chamber with Tree

The Minecraft 1.21 Update: Tricky Trials

The Tricky Trials update was announced in October 2023, and we’re sadly still waiting to see its roll out; however, it is worth noting that we did receive a small set of new features in the Armored Paws drop, including armadillos and new wold variants.

How the New Items Could Influence Your OneBlock SkyBlock Challenge Run

There are numerous new items that were introduced by the Minecraft 1.21 update, and many of these should be available in your OneBlock SkyBlock challenge run. As such, this could definitely add a lot more chaos to the challenge - but it can also be an exciting opportunity, as it may open up new ways to play overall.

New Mobs in OneBlock SkyBlock

One of the most obvious new features that are likely to influence your OneBlock SkyBlock playthrough is the introduction of new mobs. Indeed, mobs still spawn in OneBlock game modes, but they represent a much bigger threat (especially in the early game). As a result, knowing what you’re up against is vital. And, of course, the introduction of new mobs in the Minecraft 1.21 update will almost certainly influence your game.

Minecraft Trial Chamber
Minecraft Trial Chamber

Several new mob varieties are largely just reskins of previous types, such as the new wolf variants introduced in Armored Paws. What’s more, there’s also a brand new enemy to encounter in the Trial Chamber: the Breeze. And, naturally, there’s no reason to suppose that the Breeze won’t also be able to spawn in your OneBlock world after Minecraft 1.21 rolls out, either.

Now, the Breeze isn’t just some reskinned version of other mob varieties; it’s a brand new mob with a huge range of different skills and abilities, making it incredibly exciting. One of its most amazing abilities is its ability to make massive jumps, which allow it to move at an exceptionally fast speed. This also means that the Breeze can cover huge amounts of ground in one go; invariably, then, it could potentially cover your entire OneBlock island in one or two jumps. Ouch. No escaping that!

But if you can kill the Breeze in OneBlock, the rewards are worth it. The Breeze drops Wind Charges when killed, which can allow you to do supercharged jumps yourself or otherwise knock enemies backwards. Of course, in a setting where your island could be just a few blocks wide, that’s basically an instant kill. So, if you can get hold of any Breeze Rods, you might find you have a new way to protect your base island.

Wolf Armor and Armadillos

Another feature that was planned as part of the Minecraft 1.21 update (but which was eventually pushed up) was the introduction of armadillos and wolf armor. Naturally, having wolves present in your SkyBlock game can be highly useful in protecting your base, and being able to craft armor for them is definitely valuable. Luckily, armadillos drop scutes, which can be used to craft this highly desirable armor. As a result, if you’re lucky enough to have these spawn on your OneBlock island, this could be a really lucky roll.

Minecraft Trial Spawner
Minecraft Trial Spawner

Automated Crafting

Another exciting feature that might be useful to save time in your OneBlock playthrough is the introduction of automated crafting blocks. While this will likely be more useful in the late game, these can allow you to save a lot of time, so you can focus on other tasks and defend your base instead.

Final Thoughts

The Minecraft 1.21 update, known as Tricky Trials (announced in a recent update), is set to release a lot of exciting new features, and for OneBlock players, these can potentially still be exciting additions. Of course, you won’t be able to complete a Trial Chamber challenge directly in the mode, but you will likely be able to encounter the same mobs that you would normally find if they spawn on your island. As such, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the great features of the new update.

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