OneBlock & SkyBlock Compared

OneBlock MC
OneBlock & SkyBlock Compared

OneBlock & SkyBlock are two of the most popular game modes in Minecraft. See how they compare in this game play guide and join the server today.

Both of these island based games have become very popular in Minecraft. In this guide, we'll look at the similarities as well as the differences between the two. Read now and get the server address to join!

Starting Point

The game modes have different starting points. In SkyBlock, you get to choose from a range of islands to start with. There's resources including a chest, a tree and maybe some extra items. This contrasts to oneblock skyblock, where you start with just one block!

While skyblock gives you the items you need to survive and expand your island, you need to start farming on oneblock to get going. This is one of the differences in the starting point of the game.

skyblock starting island

Sky Based Game

One of the similarities between these games is that they are both sky based. The island space that you can expand your base to is the same on both versions. You start with your small space and expand outwards until you have a huge base that is as large as 100x100. Paired with the sky height of 256 blocks, there is plenty of room to create a huge island that you can be proud of!

economy in minecraft skyblock

Custom Features

  • New Enchantments: Many of the oneblock realms, as well as our skyblock realm, have custom enchantments. They give you the opportunity to upgrade your tools and armor with lots of new effects and upgrades. One of them is the trench pickaxe, which lets break 3x3 blocks at the same time. This could be very useful for tearing down large-scale builds and starting fresh. Another is the carrot planter, this helps you to replant carrots as you farm them.
  • OneBlock Hardcore: One difference between the two games is that there is a Hardcore version of oneblock you can play! This means that if you die, you will be banned from the Minecraft server for 8 hours. There are hard mobs rather than normal ones, among other changes.
  • Minions: Minions are small robot-like creatures which can complete a variety of tasks for you. Miners can farm cobblestone generators for you and put them into a chest using the Collector minion! There is a range of features available and this mechanic is available on both oneblock and the skyblock servers too.
  • Adventure Islands: The Adventure realm on OneBlock includes different islands which you can travel to. There are different types of hard mobs to slay for money and rewards in the game. This is one of the differences between the two, as it is only available on the respective oneblock realm.
  • Community Events: One of the best things about playing on a large Minecraft server like OneBlock MC is the community events! Take part in monthly contests on both games including building competitions and more. Compete for rewards and meet hundreds of new players.
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You can unlock most of the blocks in oneblock by breaking your starting block. As you farm it more, you will unlock new island phases. This differs to skyblock, where you get new blocks from the economy Minecraft servers shop. Farm items and blocks and sell them to earn money, which you can then use to buy new items for your island. This is also possible on oneblock. Complete quests and challenges on both game modes to unlock rewards too!

oneblock starting block

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