Minecraft SkyBlock Servers: 6 Easter Builds To Make

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Minecraft SkyBlock Servers: 6 Easter Builds To Make

Easter is fast approaching! Maybe it is time to refresh your island with new easter themed builds. Here are 8 buildings to create on the skyblock servers. Read the guide and start playing now!

1) Rabbit Hole

Rabbits were added to Minecraft in the 1.8 update. With all the cave and dark themed blocks available on the Minecraft skyblock servers; you could feature a rabbit hole on your island! Island builds can be up to 256 blocks tall, so there is plenty of room to design it exactly how you like. Where will you take inspiration from? What will your rabbit hole feature? Invite other players over for tea!

Easter Country House SkyBlock

2) Country House

Create a spectacular island that is big enough for players from all across the server. Use the warps feature and invite players to come and visit your new country house! Whether you want to decorate it just for show and even give it more of a functional purpose using features such as your own player shop room. What style will you go for? How big will you make it?

Minecraft SkyBlock House

3) Easter Egg Hunt

One of the best parts of the skyblock minecraft servers is the amazing community! Players that are towards the end of the game often like to hold events and contests for the newer players. If this is you; what about an Easter egg hunt? Setup a treasure hunt on your island with hidden chests. Advertise it to players using the community chat or the discord server! What will the prizes be?

minecraft skyblock rabbit hole

4) Chicken Farm

Would it be easter without chickens? In Minecraft, they regularly drop eggs. These can be thrown which will then create a small chance of spawning another chicken. Alternatively, they can be used to throw at players..!

Use Redstone items such as hoppers to automatically collect eggs and dispense them into chests. What type of theme will you go for? You could make it easter themed, or even make it inside a big building shaped like a chicken! The opportunities are endless!

Minecraft SkyBlock Egg Farm

5) Festival

This easter, why not setup your own festival on the Minecraft server? Make your own market with shops buying and selling all the items of your choice. Create redstone chance-based games for fun with other players. What will they have the chance to win? Make special easter-themed items using custom enchantments and names of your choice. How much will they fetch on the auction house?

6) Easter Garden

Celebrate easter with a garden to share with the friendly community on the skyblock Minecraft servers! Water features, flower gardens, egg hunts, rivers and different types of trees are all possible in Minecraft. Add all the common parts of a good skyblock island and incorporate them together.

Setup farms with your minions, monster spawner areas, storage areas and more all incorporated into your easter garden. Make it aesthetically pleasing and show it off to all the other players! Will you share it with Minecraft TikTok?

rabbit hole minecraft

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