Minecraft Pocket Servers: How To Play Guide [2022]

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Minecraft Pocket Servers: How To Play Guide [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Minecraft pocket servers make it possible to play multiplayer games on this mobile edition of Minecraft. Learn what they are, how to play, the games available and more in this guide.

What Are Minecraft PE Servers?

Minecraft PE servers, along with bedrock servers, allow you to play on multiplayer while on this edition of Minecraft. This makes it possible to play with other players on mobile and explore new games. Chat with other players together in the same world or even go head-to-head in competitive games!

tree on minecraft pe server

How To Play On A Pocket Server

  1. Open Minecraft PE
  2. Go to the Servers menu
  3. Add External Server
  4. Add Details e.g.

Server Name: Pocket Server
Server Address: bedrock.oneblockmc.com
Server Port: 19132

  1. Done

For the best compatibility with the servers, your game should be updated to the latest version. For most platforms, this happens automatically when you open the game. If you cannot join a server, close and reopen the game to ensure that is updated.

players on minecraft pe multiplayer


& more!

What Is Different Between Pocket & Java Servers?

The main difference between bedrock and java is the platform that you are playing on. Most players on Java are playing on modern computers, which can make games like PvP much more competitive. Bedrock could be considered to be casual, as you can pick it up and play on a phone. Read the full guide which compares bedrock vs java Minecraft.


  • Play in the same world with other players
  • Team up or compete
  • Discover new games which are not in singleplayer
  • Adventure into different worlds
  • Try new features like money systems, combat arenas, custom enchants and more
  • Servers are often updated more than the main game
  • Meet other like-minded players
tall building in minecraft

Minecraft Server Vs Multiplayer

Did you know? Minecraft servers are just the term which is referred to when talking about multiplayer games in Minecraft. Without servers, there would be nothing to play in multiplayer! There's always new servers which are added, as well as regular updates on all the popular favorites.

Unable To Connect To World?

Make sure that you have entered the address correctly, with no spaces before or after. The standard port is 19132, but check that the server does not use a different one. The majority of large servers are online 24/7, but it could be offline. Check with the server provider to see if it is always on.

Things To Try

  • Try a player-vs-player game, as this is not possible in singleplayer
  • SkyBlock is a hugely popular Minecraft title, why not try it on PE?
  • Team up with your friends or make some new ones
  • Play all the different games on the Minecraft network, to see which suits you!

Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers IP Address

Play all the popular server games with the address: bedrock.oneblockmc.com. Go to servers and then "Add External Server" to begin.

Last Updated: Sep 3, 2022

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