How To Make A One Block World In Minecraft

OneBlock MC
How To Make A One Block World In Minecraft

In this guide, we'll explore how to create a one block world and turn it into your own utopia. See all the latest tips & tricks to succeed in this island based game. Read the guide and start playing now!

Creating Your Island

First of all, you need to join the one block game. Open your Minecraft game and head to the multiplayer section. Direct connect to the server address to play the game. Join the biggest community centered around oneblock in Minecraft. Create your island when you join to begin.

palace building in minecraft

Mining The One Block

Depending on what your objectives are, you will start the game by mining your oneblock. As soon as possible, you should create a platform or a cage around the center. Because of the way Minecraft works, some blocks may shoot off from the oneblock when mined. By creating an enclosure, you can prevent this and harvest all the blocks.

interior building on oneblock skyblock

Island Phases

Whether you want to create a lighthouse or a space themed island, you will need a variety of different blocks. These can be unlocked by mining your oneblock and unlocking the island phases. The game is simple: the more you mine the oneblock, the more blocks you unlock. The majority of the blocks in Minecraft can be harvested as you unlock new phases.

TIP: If you followed the 'creating your island' step correctly, you will be playing on OneBlock MC. This means you get the extra bonus of being able to go back to certain phases by running the /phases command. You cannot do this on the singleplayer map.

cartography table minecraft

Minecraft SkyBlock Farms

OneBlock shares a lot of similarities with the skyblock game. You can build farms & mob spawners in a similar way. Create sources of food such as carrots, potatoes and bread by building a Minecraft farm.

TIP: Source these items from your oneblock or from the multiplayer shop. Run the command /shop and sell other materials which you may have spare to obtain seeds.

Farms can help you to become self sufficient in oneblock and survive without needing to complete any additional quests or challenges to obtain food. You can sell your harvests to the in-game shop for money rewards which you can use to purchase items such as mob spawners!


To build your island and turn it into your world, first you need to collect the resources as detailed above. Build out from your oneblock to create platforms which you can use to turn into a large building.

On the oneblock skyblock server, you get a huge 100x100 world which can be expanded using in game systems. The world height is 256 blocks tall like a normal Minecraft world, which is perfect for all types of builds.

We have created lots of building guides with ideas that you can create on your oneblock island, see them below:

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2022

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