3 Minecraft Parkour Tips To Help You Win

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3 Minecraft Parkour Tips To Help You Win

What happens when you take a near-perfect video game and introduce a competitive mode that allows players to race against each other at super-speeds?

You may have played some of the best parkour servers out there, but the OneBlock MC Minecraft server is something to get you pumped up.

This is Minecraft parkour with a little something extra, and if you’re a fan of DC comics and their Flash character’s abilities to run at blistering speeds, then this will certainly interest you.

X-Run is a speed form of regular Minecraft parkour where you’re under the potion effect of super-speed boost and jump boost that allows you to race against other players parkour-style to reach the finish line.

Play Minecraft Servers With X-Run Parkour

Parkour servers on Minecraft include support for PvP so that you can compete with other players for 1st place in the ultimate speed and jump-enhanced race.

The good news is that joining a OneBlock mini-game is pretty easy as long as you already have Minecraft installed on your computer.

All you have to do is to launch the game, then click on “Multiplayer”.

Next, you click on the “Add Server” button, and then you get two fields to type in the preferred Server Name and Server Address.

There are different types of parkour only minecraft servers that you can join and go head-to-head with thousands of other people. There, you get the chance to race and compete against other Minecraft parkour players. Do you think you have what it takes?

Tips To Help You Conquer X-Run Parkour Servers

Because Minecraft parkour can be a little challenging for new players, X-Run will be a lot more difficult to play, especially if you still struggle with regular parkour.

I’m always here to help you conquer Minecraft, and I’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks to help you win.

1.    Remember The Basics.

Even though you’re running and jumping at super-speeds, the basics of parkour still apply. So before you proceed with X-Run, ensure that you have a basic understanding of Parkour and all the different types of jumps you can perform in it.

Although you won’t really have all the time in the world to size your jumps properly, you will always know what jump to do before you even do it with constant practice. Whether it’s a walking jump, a sprint jump, a standing jump, a momentum jump or a corner jump, you have to decide fast.

2.    Beware of Obstacles.

This is a no-brainer. You’re running, jumping and navigating the terrain at incredibly high speeds. You have a bigger chance of slamming into obstacles in your path.

This is the perfect time to watch your shoulder and avoid hitting protruding blocks when making tight corner jumps. You need to be aware of the space taken up by your Minecraft servers character. Also, be on alert to avoid obstacles strategically placed on your path to slow you down.

3 Minecraft Parkour Tips
3 Minecraft Parkour Tips

3.    Remember, Slow and Steady Wins The Race.

Okay, this may seem a little awkward, but slow and steady actually does save you from dying repeatedly. While the game is all about speed and reaching the finish line 1st,  some experienced parkour players still miss their jumps in X-Run with the anxiety and adrenaline rush.

So if you can avoid missing your jumps and falling to your death more than your opponents, there’s a higher chance of winning the race. So being steady is a lot more important than speed.

Final Thoughts

As they say, practice makes perfect. The only way to really get good at parkour is to practice as much as possible. Minecraft parkour is indeed worth the time and effort if you’re looking to not just play for fun but also dominate the game and floor your opponents.

There you have it, some X-Run Minecraft tips to help you win. If you have any ideas you’d love to share, don’t hesitate to send us an email, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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