How To Practice Minecraft Parkour

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How To Practice Minecraft Parkour

This fast-paced game mode will have you clicking and jumping from one block to another to beat the record time and set new records. Coupled with the fact that you get to compete with friends online in an expansive multiplayer mode, Minecraft parkour is a thrilling game.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of the Minecraft universe. Putting its creative freedom and educational capabilities aside, Minecraft is one of the most exciting games to have ever graced our computers and consoles. It is a video game that appeals to the minds of not just kids and teens but adults of all ages.

The already expansive Minecraft universe is made even more extensive and fun with the provision of a multiplayer mode that allows players to experience thousands of different servers.

Among these different Minecraft servers are the minecraft parkour servers.

These servers open up the Minecraft universe to allow you experience the game on a whole different level.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the shoes of real-life stunt and parkour experts who run on rooftops, jumping, and climbing gracefully while avoiding obstacles, then Minecraft is one way you can experience this thrill.

This fast-paced game mode will have you clicking and jumping from one block to another to beat the record time and set new records. Coupled with the fact that you get to compete with friends online in an expansive multiplayer mode, Minecraft parkour is a thrilling game.

For newbies who are playing minecraft servers with parkour for the first time, the entire game might seem too challenging for you. Trust me when I say that I understand how difficult it can be. That’s why in this article, I’ll be sharing some practice tips to help you get better at playing Minecraft parkour.

Here’s How You Can Practice Minecraft Parkour.

Going from a noob to pro in Minecraft parkour isn’t going to happen overnight. To get better at the game, it’ll take some time and dedication. Well, without further ado, below are some practice tips to help you hone your parkour skills.

1.    Finding A Suitable Practice Map.

The first step to practicing and honing your parkour skills is to simply find the best practice map. While you can practice parkour in any Minecraft map, doing so on a map built explicitly for parkour practice will help you get better faster, especially if you’re entirely new to parkour.

There are tons of maps out there that can teach you how to parkour. These maps come pre-built with different parkour tips that help you navigate their beginner-level terrain.

2.    Practice Your Jumps.

There’s no use playing Minecraft Parkour if you suck at making simple and complex jumps. That’s why it’s incredibly important to understand the different types of jumps possible in Parkour and the various scenarios that will require specific types of jumps.

Depending on the situation, you get to choose to make a walking jump, a sprint jump, a standing jump, a momentum jump, or a corner jump. To become a pro, knowing the type of jump to make next before you even land from your preceding jump is crucial for you to finish the map in record time.

Remember that while you sprint, the longest jump you can make in Parkour is the equivalent of 4 blocks. To successfully complete a 4-block jump, you need to make the jump while standing right at the edge of the block. The best way to be sure you’re standing at the right place is to look down

Minecraft Parkour Bridge
Minecraft Parkour Bridge

3.    Always Crouch When You Land.

Still talking about perfecting your jumps, crouching is one technique you can always incorporate into your jumps to help you make the perfect landing.

The physics of jumping from one block to another causes you to overrun when you land, and this can be fatal when you make long jumps. Crouching immediately after you land from a long jump helps prevent you from overrunning and falling to your doom.

4.    Master Your Space.

Having a proper understanding of your space and being aware of the obstacles around you is one way to help you navigate the Parkour map faster.

If you’re to make these incredible parkour jumps and run at high speeds, you need to be aware of your environment so that you do not barge into obstacles mid-air, and you can make successful jumps. Understanding the amount of space taken up by your character also helps with making successful jumps.

5.    Take Advantage of Momentum When You Jump.

What makes Minecraft parkour an awe-inspiring video game is the incorporation of real-life physics into the game’s framework. The combination of momentum will help you make more successful long jumps that would be otherwise impossible to complete from a standing position.

To utilize the momentum garnered from your previous jumps, you have to run, then jump, before immediately following this up with the main jump as soon as you land.

6.    Ladder Jumps.

Ladder jumps are important in Minecraft parkour, and getting them right might a little more practice. Well, you’re reading this now, so you’re in good hands.

A ladder jump requires you to make a long jump onto a ladder and stick to it. To make successful ladder jumps, you have to hold the ‘shift key’ in mid-air before you actually reach the ladder.

Ladders are also crucial in preventing damage when you fall from impossible heights. All you have to do is hold the shift key when you get closer to the ladder.

Final Thoughts.

Practice makes perfect. After a long time of practicing, our work will become natural, skillful, swift, and steady.” The same applies to playing Minecraft parkour. You can only truly get good at the game and complete maps faster when you practice frequently. You come across many different scenarios and naturally figure out how to nail them.

With Minecraft parkour, you get to see the amount of work put into the game’s development, and you appreciate the game even more. For more Parkour tips and strategies see more:

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