Minecraft Parkour Servers: What they are, how to play and more

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Minecraft Parkour Servers: What they are, how to play and more
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Let's take a look at Minecraft parkour servers, including what they are, how to play and how to get started.

🎮 IP: parkour.oneblockmc.com 🎮

Let's take a look at Minecraft parkour servers, including what they are, how to play and how to get started.

How to Play Parkour Servers On Minecraft

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Click "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"
    3. Server Name: OneBlock MC
    4. Server Address: parkour.oneblockmc.com
  3. Enter the Parkour details
  4. Boom! Click it to play.

Parkour Servers IP

🎮 parkour.oneblockmc.com 🎮 Play now on the latest version of Minecraft. Jump right into your own sprinting adventure.

Parkour has been around for almost as long as Minecraft with some maps dating as far back as 2011. While parkour servers have always been around, they have become more popular recently thanks to YouTubers and the rise of practicing parkour for games such as BedWars.

OneBlockMC also features Minecraft Creative Servers, survival servers, OneBlock and more. Play now on Java Edition & Bedrock Edition.

What Are Parkour Servers?

Parkour only servers are just for the fun sprinting game! The benefit of this is that are there regular updates specifically to parkour. Here at OneBlock MC we regularly add new maps and cosmetics so you never get bored of playing the servers!

Minecraft parkour alphabet map

How Do I Play Minecraft Parkour?

To start playing Minecraft Parkour, join the OneBlock server and choose Parkour. From there, you can start jumping and begin your journey through our hundreds of Minecraft maps!

What Maps Are There?

There's over 50 maps to play, with new maps added regularly. Our last map update was February, 2021. Maps range in difficulty, starting at easy and increasing up to hard. Every map has a different theme. For example, there's the tower map, the emoji map, the towers map and more.

What Features Do The Servers Have?

Our parkour Minecraft servers are kitted it with a wide range of addons and upgrades for your character! Level up the Parkour Battle Pass to unlock dozens of perks, including cosmetics and new maps. You can start playing casually in the Practice area or join a Race and put your sprinting abilities to the test.

Ready to begin? Join parkour.oneblockmc.com to start your parkour servers conquest.

Top Tips

While Minecraft is a simple game to grasp, parkour is about more than just jumping to blocks. The way you jump, how you jump and even the way you land will effect your success at Parkour.

If you sprint between blocks, and keep sprinting, you will jump from the landing block in a sprint and travel further.

In a tight spot? Wait until the last millisecond to jump and you may just jump that little bit further.

When jumping to ladders, make sure to crouch when landing to prevent you falling off of the block. Crouching helps you stick to the blocks and is a great tool for ladder parkours.

Tight jump? Avoid sprinting. For the small one block jumps, you can simply jump from one block to the next without needing to sprint. This will stop you from accidentally jumping too far!

Minecraft parkour server map

Can I Play Parkour With Friends?

Of course! OneBlock MC Parkour is totally multiplayer. Race against your friends, take on the practice maps together and compete to unlock the best addons.

How Much Do Parkour Servers Cost?

Parkour is completely free to play. If you would like to support us and our costs (which includes server hosting, backups, game development and more) check out the parkour battle pass.

What Is The Parkour Battle Pass?

The parkour battle pass is an addon tied to your Minecraft account. It can be purchased seasonally and runs out each quarter. When a new season begins, there are new cosmetics and unlocks to discover. New seasons require the new battle pass. OneBlock MC has lots of recurring costs and the battle pass allows us to further expand! If you enjoy playing Parkour, please consider supporting us.

Auction House

You can even trade items with other players on parkour! Unlock items which are stored in your inventory persistently for trading. Will you acquire all the rare items?


Think you've got what it takes to reach the heights that Parkour offers? OneBlock features monthly leaderboards which showcase the top players. To complete, simply start sprinting!

Parkour Server Commands

  • /tpa - Request to teleport to another player
  • /msg - Send a private message
  • [F] Key - Open the game menu
  • /pass - Open the battle pass menu
  • /rules - Read the server rules
  • /helpop - Get help from an online staff member
  • /staff - Get a list of all staff currently available. TIP: Discord is a better place to reach and contact staff for support
  • /ah - Open the auction house to buy & sell with other players
  • /titles - Customize your chat title
  • /tags - Customize your chat tag
  • /pets - Manage your pets
  • /coins - See your coins
  • /spawn - Teleport to the lobby
  • /maps - Open the difficulty selector
  • /leaderboards - Open the leaderboards and see the top players
  • /trails - Surround yourself with fancy particles
  • /discord - Get parkour updates, voice chat, news and more
  • /faq - Refresh yourself with the frequently asked questions
  • /hats - Choose from a wide range of custom hats made for OneBlock MC
  • /banners - Customise the banner on the top of your parkour server head
  • /baltop - View the players with the top coins
  • /settings - Manage your preferences
  • /hide - Hides all players
  • /show - Show all players
  • /day - Set your world time to day
  • /night - Set your world time to night
Minecraft Parkour Map

What Is A Good Parkour Server?

If you are looking for a parkour server with new maps, practice, races, gadgets and more, try the IP parkour.oneblockmc.com. It runs on the latest verison of Minecraft and includes all the latest server updates. It is also completely free-to-play and you can start playing in under a minute.

Parkour Titles

You will notice in-game that players like to express themselves! We have a ride range of titles which can be earned and applied to your character. They show in-game and on your player. Press the [F] Key to open the menu and browse the titles shop. Titles cost money which can be earned by playing.

Parkour Map Difficulties

The maps are categorized by three difficulties: easy, medium and hard. When you start playing a parkour server, the menu will allow you to select the difficulty. From here, you can browse all the different maps and even preview one that looks appealing. Why not try and defeat the difficulties one by one?

Play With Thousands Of Other Parkour Players

OneBlock MC has thousands of new logins every day. Meet other parkour players and chat with thousands on our discord chat. Discord is the place to get updates, news and even voice chat with other players.

Tower parkour map

Follow The Community Guidelines

To keep you and everyone else whilst playing Parkour, please follow our community rules. These are in place to keep the game free toxicity, it is Minecraft after all! By playing on OneBlock MC, you agree to follow the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What version is the server running on?

A. We are always on the latest version of Minecraft. As of Jan 2021, that is version 1.16.4. Select the 'latest' profile from your Minecraft launcher to always be on the newest version.

Q. Can I apply for staff on Parkour?
A. Of course! OneBlock MC Staff Applications.

Q. How do I get good at Parkour?
A. Practice a wide variety of maps. By taking on all different kinds of challenges, you will become more competent across all types of Parkour.

Q. How do I turn Minecraft auto-jump off?
A. Open Minecraft, head to settings, controls, auto-jump and then toggle.

Q. How do I get daily rewards?
A. Vote daily to get rewards on all servers, including Parkour. OneBlock MC Vote.

Q. What are all those fancy hats? How do I get one?
A. Hats are unlocked from the battle pass, crates, vote rewards and all other kinds of bonuses. Be on the lookout when playing.

Join the Parkour Servers now.
IP: parkour.oneblockmc.com

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