What are Minecraft Creative Servers? How to Play

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What are Minecraft Creative Servers? How to Play

Creative servers are the place to be for letting out your inventive side! Get your own huge creative plot or head into the Gold World and claim land your next building project.

What is Creative Mode in Minecraft?

Creative Mode allows you to take on Minecraft buildings with unlimited access to items, the ability to fly around the world with invincibility, as well as extra abilities such as being able to place blocks quicker. Creative is perfect for taking on large-scale building projects which may not be possible in survival mode. Create your own world exactly how you'd like to and team up with friends to work on building projects together.

How to play Creative servers on Java Edition

Java Edition is the classic version of Minecraft which was created in 2011 with regular updates! OneBlock MC is best on Java Edition.

  1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition
  2. Head to Multiplayer
  3. Add the OneBlock MC Server

Server Name: OneBlock MC
Server Address: creative.oneblockmc.com
Server Version: Minecraft 1.17

  1. Done! Head to Creative to play!
Minecraft Creative Server Plots
Minecraft Creative Server Plots

How to play Creative servers on Bedrock Edition

Bedrock edition is a newer version which supports mobile devices including iOS, iPad OS, Android and Windows 10 Edition.

  1. Open Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
  2. Head to Multiplayer
  3. Add the OneBlock MC Server

Server Name: OneBlock MC
Server Address: bedrock.oneblockmc.com
Port: 19132

  1. Done! Head to Creative to play!

Building Contests

New to OneBlock MC, take part in our building contests to be in with a chance of winning exclusive prizes such as our BlockCars! Go up against all other players on Creative for a chance of being featured in the hall of fame and winning gift cards.

Team up with other players on OneBlock MC Creative

If you are playing on the OneBlock MC server, you can team up with other players in our multiplayer creative mode. Join the server and run the command /team playername in-game to begin.

Creative Servers In Minecraft
Creative Servers In Minecraft

Add players to your plot, visit other players, trust players temporarily, kick players or even change ownership over to a friend.

Cosmetics on Creative

Unlock cool cosmetics such as particle effects and balloons to sport as you build up your Creative plot. Show off your unique style to other players on the creative server. Vote for OneBlock MC daily to win new rewards.

Minecraft Creative Tips and Tricks

While it can be hard to find your building style, there's lots of ways to improve your building skills on Creative while starting out.

  • Use building guides: A quick search online for Minecraft buildings will give you hundreds of ideas to get inspiration from and use in your plot. Why not start out by using a few different builds until you can find your own style?
  • Try new Minecraft blocks: Every new Minecraft update brings lots of different blocks. The 1.16 Nether update brought lots of new blocks which allowed players to bring new colours to builds. Crimson blocks bring a new shade of red while the Warped blocks allow players to explore a new shade of blue. Combining new Minecraft blocks with inspiration from online is a great way to get started.
  • Check out other player's plots: On the OneBlock MC Creative server, you can visit other player's plots to see what your fellow community are building. Ask to team up and help out with builds you like the look of, or simply get some ideas for your next build.

Who are the players that play Creative servers in Minecraft?

OneBlock MC is a large Minecraft community that is voted one of the top servers in the world. Our community includes all kinds of players from across the world who all enjoy playing our games including Creative. We offer OneBlock, Manhunt, SkyBlock and Survival too! Our Discord chat includes over 9,000+ members, chatting and getting updates about OneBlock MC. Take part in voice chat or simply post your favourite screenshots from the game.

What should parents know about OneBlock MC Creative?

Our aim is to make OneBlock MC a safe Minecraft community for players of all ages. Our rules are strictly enforced to ensure that the game is safe for everybody. Chat can disabled from the Minecraft settings page and plots can be created solo if your child does not want to team up with others. If there is a problem in-game, support tickets are available to report pesky players or get help from our global team of moderators.

Minecraft Creative Servers: OneBlock MC
Minecraft Creative Servers: OneBlock MC

Commands on Minecraft Creative Servers

Shortcuts: use the book in your inventory

  • /team PlayerName - Manage teaming on Creative
  • /plot auto - Get a new plot
  • /plot home - Head to your plot home
  • /plot visit PlayerName - Visit a player
  • /plot claim - Claim a plot
  • /plot setowner PlayerName - Transfer your plot to another player
  • /plot add PlayerName - Add a player to your plot
  • /plot trust PlayerName - Trust a player on your plot
  • /plot remove PlayerName - Remove a player from your plot
  • /plot deny PlayerName - Deny a player from your plot
  • /plot kick PlayerName - Kick a player from your plot
  • /tp PlayerName - Teleport to a player
  • /tpahere PlayerName - Request a player to teleport to you
  • /vote - Vote for daily rewards
  • /join - Check out the premium ranks including extra plots
  • /discord - Join Discord to chat with other players
  • /balance - View your money balance
  • /pay PlayerName - Pay a player. Why not set them on a Building Project?
  • /warp - Teleport to creative server locations
  • /iron - Claim the free iron rank on Creative
  • /kit - Claim your rank kits (redstone+ required)
  • /refer - Invite your friends for rewards

🎨 Start playing Minecraft Creative Servers now 🎨

Creative Server IP: creative.oneblockmc.com

Last updated: Jun 30, 2021

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