Creative Minecraft Servers: 5 reasons to play in 2022

OneBlock MC
Creative Minecraft Servers: 5 reasons to play in 2022

From minecraft building contests to the bedrock edition crossplay. See why you should play in 2022.

While OneBlock MC is known for the oneblock game mode; we also offer a creative server with large plots for you to build on. Head into creative mode and start creating today. Whether you want to team up with friends or design new builds for the oneblock servers, here's 5 reasons to check out the creative servers in 2022.

1) Minecraft Building Contests

When the creative server was opened, a massive building contest was hosted to see who could create the best Lighthouse. With entrants from all across OneBlock MC, there was plenty of competition. The best bit? On our creative server, we have custom vehicles. The winner received a race car which was rideable around the plots. Take part in building contests and improve your building skills.

Take advantage of all the custom content on offer and join in with the community. These contests are usually announced on the public Discord group. To copy a block, select your two points and then run //set <block>. You can then copy one type of block out across the entire area that has been selected.

Creative Servers Port

2) Mind Blowing Amazing Builds

One of the best things about multiplayer servers in Minecraft is that thousands of players can collaborate together. On minecraft creative servers such as OneBlock MC, all the builds are stored by the server in one big world. This means you can explore the world and come across thousands of builds by other players. Everything is accessible.

Walk around other player's castles and get inspiration from players all around the world. See which builds took part in events and more. With all the different players, there's plenty of amazing builds to be discovered. Ask in chat to see who's looking for visitors and get tours of different creations. This is what multiplayer Minecraft is about.

Minecraft Creative Servers IP

OneBlock MC is the name and the Java IP is Bedrock IP is

Town House on Minecraft Creative

3) Advanced WorldEdit Commands

By showing support for the server and voting in just a few seconds, you can get access to a range of WorldEdit commands. These allow you to manipulate the world in a way which isn't possible on any other OneBlock realm.

By using //wand, you can set two different points in your plot. These blocks can then be replaced with other blocks, without needing to manually place anything! Learn more in-game by heading online to the creative realm.

4) Bedrock Edition

Being one of the only Minecraft servers to support cross-play between Java & Edition; creative also enjoys this connectivity. Our creative server was designed to work great on both editions; with easy access menus for players on bedrock edition.

As there are not many Minecraft Bedrock servers with creative mode, this is a great way to get started and also meet players on the Java edition of the game. You can also run commands on bedrock too. Learn more about the oneblock bedrock server and play now.

5) Active Community

With thousands of players enjoying OneBlock MC, our creative game mode welcomes new members each and every day. This makes the game much more fun in comparison to smaller servers where you might be left building on your own! Use the multiplayer chat to meet other players and see what's happening in the community.

Another benefit of such a big community is there are plenty of active staff. Use the help commands to contact online staff if assistance is required for moderation. You can also report other players using the Discord support system.

Organise competitions in your plot such as skin contests, a grading systems for mini builds, or just plot chat with other likeminded players from around the world.

Houses on Creative Servers

Creative Building Minecraft Server

Start playing on OneBlock MC today. The realm is based entirely on the creative mode which is perfect for letting your ideas run free. Enjoy the use of free large plots with plenty of fun addons to make your gameplay even more enjoyable.

You can even take these builds and put them in our other game modes such as OneBlock, SkyBlock, or even our Survival Multiplayer server. Join our community now.

Last Updated: Jan 2, 2022. Featured images by OneSidedBattle.

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