8 Parkour Server Challenges for 2021

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8 Parkour Server Challenges for 2021

Starting to find parkour a bit too.. easy? Maybe it's time to switch things up. Here's 8 parkour challenges to complete on your favourite minecraft parkour server.

Starting to find parkour a bit too.. easy? Maybe it's time to switch things up. Here's 8 parkour challenges to complete on your favourite minecraft parkour server.

#1 Complete a map with low POV

Did you know that the lowest field of view in Minecraft is 30°? You may be used to completing parkour maps on 90° or even 100°, but why not try on the minimum setting? You may find it hard to adjust to as it will be much harder to judge distances of jumps! But that's part of the fun. To adjust your Minecraft POV, head to options and then drag the field of view slider... all the way down!

#2 Start with the hard maps

On OneBlock MC our maps are laid out in categories from easy to hard. If you've played parkour servers before, why not start with the hard maps? We have over a dozen hard maps with regular new updates too! From the tricky pillars map to the bombtastic creeper map, there's lots of maps to get started with.

Minecraft Parkour Sky Pillars Map
Minecraft Parkour Sky Pillars Map

#3 Speedrun the leaderboards

Think you're the Dream of parkour? Try speedrunning our leaderboards. Every map includes a leaderboard in the game selector so you can see who you're up against. The player who has the most map records is able to equip the Champion title!

#4 Create a parkour server map

Parkour includes a map creator. Create maps and submit them to be added to the parkour map rotation! Players with three maps or more are able to unlock the exclusive Mapper title. The possibilities are almost endless. Thousands of players will play and compete on your server map.

#5 Challenge your friends

Once you're comfortable with Parkour on OneBlock MC, why not invite your friends to take you on? Challenge your friends and go head-to-head on our parkour maps. You can get rewards for inviting your friends too. For example, if you introduce 10 people, you will receive the Redstone Rank across ALL our servers! Run /refer in-game.

Minecraft Hive Parkour Map
Minecraft Hive Parkour Map

#6 Kit out your Minecraft character

There's lots of cosmetics and character upgrades on minecraft servers with parkour. Unlock a range of rewards that are not available in Minecrafy by standard From the Popcorn hat to Medalist chat title, there's plenty of ways to stand out on our parkour server. Show off your upgrades to thousands of other Minecraft players every day.

#7 Switch up your resource pack

Want to take your Parkour adventure to the next level? Trying playing with a resource pack that's designed to be hard! There's various resource packs which turn all blocks to a certain colour, make certain blocks appear wrong and more. All of these factors can make for a fun Parkour speedrun. You could even record and upload it to YouTube and show that you really are the best at Parkour!

Cave Underground Minecraft Map
Cave Underground Minecraft Map

#8 Hang out in the lounge

As our parkour server is multiplayer, you can meet thousands of other parkour players each day. Find the lounge in our lobby and meet other players. Chat on discord, challenge each other to a head-to-head or simply introduce yourself. There's plenty of things to do!

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