Getting started on minecraft parkour servers

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Getting started on minecraft parkour servers

Take to the clouds and jump your way to victory. Parkour includes dozens of courses, each with unique twists, turns and difficulties.

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Take to the clouds and jump your way to victory. Parkour includes dozens of courses, each with unique twists, turns and difficulties.

The parkour lobby

When you first join the minecraft parkour servers you will arrive at the lobby. The lobby is the center of your parkour adventure. You can choose a mode to play, customise your character, title and just about everything else you need on your jumping quest!

Minecraft sprint key

Make sure you are familiar with the sprint key when getting started. Enable it in your Minecraft options and make sure you remember the keybind! Timing your jumps is key to having the most fun on parkour.

Server map difficulties

If you've never played parkour servers before, it may be best to start out on the easy difficulty. These maps are usually quite short and quick, with jumps that will help you get into the swing of things. You can practice as much as you like to get the hang of it.

If you've played parkour before or maybe a lot of Minecraft jumping, try starting out with the medium difficulty maps. Medium difficulty will have more variety and some new kinds of jumps.

Think you're some kind of jumpman? 😉 Start out with the hard Minecraft maps. These are our hardest tier of maps. The longest jumps, the toughest jumps, the most frustrating jumps.

UFO Parkour Multiplayer Map

Stand out on the server

There's a range of ways to stand out and be yourself on our minecraft parkour server. Bring your Minecraft character to life with our range of trails, be yourself in chat with our range of unlockable titles or even be accompanied with one of our pets!

Parkour leaderboards

Every timed map has a leaderboard which you can take part in when playing the map. The top players of each map are displayed for all players to envy. If you really want to stand out, there's exclusive titles available for various top positions of the leaderboards. Head in-game to find out more and see the current rewards.

Practice mode

Available exclusively for battle pass holders, head into practice mode when there's that one jump you really need to conquer! The mode is not timed but it gives you flight, allowing you to practice easily until you are confident with a map. When you are happy, head back to normal mode to complete a timed run.


If Parkour is really your thing, why not take on the prestige challenge? Reach the top title and prestige which is displayed in chat with your star and level. It is not for the faint-hearted!

Medium Parkour Multiplayer Map

Infinity parkour

Think you could play parkour forever? Me too. Why not try infinity parkour? Head to the lobby and jump on the pad to began. Begin by escaping from parkour and heading on an infinite parkour adventure. Leaderboards are available here too for the top players!

Take advantage of the rewards

There's lot of rewards available when playing minecraft servers with parkour. On OneBlock MC you can get rewarded lots of ways. Run /vote when playing to open the vote sites and get 4x rewards per day. These give you rewards which will further your Parkour journey!

Parkour includes a battle pass which can be purchased and levelled up. There's lot of rewards available which will make you stand out in the multiplayer worlds. Start your parkour servers adventure today.

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