Three Useful Things To Build on Minecraft Survival Servers

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Three Useful Things To Build on Minecraft Survival Servers

Starting out on Minecraft survival servers is a challenge. When you begin the game, you have absolutely nothing. See three useful things to build now!

Starting out on Minecraft survival servers is a challenge. When you begin the game, you have absolutely nothing- no tools, no food, and no shelter. You must use the resources you find around you to make tools that will help you survive. If you’re not careful, you’ll get killed by monsters and have to start all over. Knowing what to build will help you survive.

So what should you be working towards building? There are three things that you should build first before anything else. Those things are shelter, iron tools, armour, and weapons, and a farm. Building these will help get you started on Minecraft. Read on to learn more!


Shelter is absolutely essential to surviving the night. You can build shelter out of just about any block – you can even use dirt when you’re just starting out. Your shelter should enclose you completely, leaving no holes to see through. You should also make a light source- usually, torches- and put them in and around your shelter. Torches will stop monsters from spawning when it gets dark, which will help keep you safe.

Don’t worry about having a fancy house when you first start out. A little dirt hut will do. If you don’t have dirt, use whatever you can find. Once you are better situated, you can build a nicer home out of other materials – such as stone, wood, or even more exotic blocks like gold or terracotta.

Iron tools, armour, and weapons

Iron is a somewhat common material that is extremely durable. You can make armor, weapons, and tools from it that will last a while. Yes, this is technically more than one thing- but the point stands: iron is invaluable. You can find it by digging down deep enough. The material is especially abundant in mine shafts and around ravines.

Ironarmour should be made as soon as possible. Its armor rating is good enough to get you far in the game – it can even stand up to enemies in the Nether. Iron armor will last until you’re able to get diamond armor, which is the top tier armor that you can get. It’s a good idea to build a weapon as well. An iron sword is an excellent choice, as is a shield.

Minecraft survival cow farm
Minecraft survival cow farm

A farm

Farms are easy to build, and they’ll provide you with a renewable food source. Depending on how big your farm is, you’ll end up with more than you can eat. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop farming!

Once you find a village that has a farmer, you can trade your extra crops for the useful in-game currency of emeralds. Emeralds can be used to trade with all types of villagers, and even the special merchant NPC with llamas that will occasionally spawn.


Minecraft survival servers were built to be a challenge. At the beginning, you have no tools, no food, and no shelter. Using the resources around you, you’ll have to gather and craft what you need to survive. Otherwise, you’ll be killed by monsters come nightfall, and you’ll have to start all over. Having an idea of what to build will help you survive and progress through the game.

There are three things you should build first to help you survive: shelter, iron armour, weapons, and tools, and a farm. By building these items, you’ll get a head start on your OneBlock MC adventure. Good luck and have fun building!

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