Minecraft Survival Mode: Tips And Tricks

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Minecraft Survival Mode: Tips And Tricks

Here are just a few tips and tricks that any player new to Minecraft survival mode will definitely appreciate. Once you have finished reading, join our minecraft survival server and start playing online with a friendly multiplayer community.

For new players, Minecraft survival mode can seem a little intimidating at first. The Minecraft world is vast, after all, and there’s definitely plenty to learn if you want to become a seasoned pro like other players you may have seen online.

Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that you can use in order to maximise your level of skill and level of successful in survival mode – before you know it, you’ll be the best Minecraft player you know!

Here are just a few tips and tricks that any player new to Minecraft survival mode will definitely appreciate. Once you have finished reading, join our minecraft survival server and start playing online with a friendly multiplayer community.

Keep Your Eyes Out!

When you first start your game on Minecraft survival mode, you’re best off not trying to do too much within the first few in-game hours – night could fall before you know it and you won’t be equipped to take on the many mobs and monsters that come with it!

The best thing you can do with your first in-game day on Minecraft is to keep your eyes out for any of these nasties and, if you do happen to catch the attention of a monster, run and hide! You won’t be equipped to take them on just yet, so avoiding them is important.

The majority of monsters aren’t so brave during the day, so find some shelter out of sight as soon as the light begins to dim. On OneBlock MC, Bosses also spawn in the Mars Survival world.

Don’t Head Off Too Far

Try to stick to one area until you find your feet, otherwise you may find yourself in an unfamiliar area and scrambling around to find some shelter – knowing your surroundings can help you out a lot with this game!

Until you’ve got the necessary tools to fight off an attack, knowing exactly where you are may be your greatest advantage in trying to keep yourself out of a creeper’s grasp, so resist the urge to explore too far.

Make The Most Of The Basics

You’re not in gold sword territory just yet! However, you can definitely make the most of some very basic resources and use them to your advantage.

Start by gathering as much dirt as possible, as surrounding yourself with dirt blocks will serve the same purpose as crafting a decent house within the early stages of the game. It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got at least forty blocks of dirt to give yourself the most defence against mobs.

Be sure to collect yourself some wood, too, as this can be crafted into oak planks and then into a wooden stick – it’s not the most fearsome of weapons, but you’ll appreciate it when you come to need it.

Stay Sneaky

Learn the controls for ‘sneaking’ on whichever system you are using to play the game. Sneaking will allow you to pass by the mobs and monsters without being detected – it won’t always work so well, though, so make sure you get ready to run if you need to!

Stay Above Ground!

As tempting as it might be to start exploring underground when you first start the game, we can almost guarantee that you’re not quite prepared for any unpleasant underground encounters just yet!

The monsters you’ll encounter underground are generally much worse than the mobs you’ll find on the land and they don’t often have the same time restrictions as some of the other mobs, either – even going underground during the day could get you into some serious trouble.

Overall, going underground is best left until you’re well-prepared to take on anything.

Build A Crafting Table First

Of course, you do need a house to keep you safe within the game, but building a crafting table should always be your first move, so stick to your makeshift dirt shelter for now! To build a crafting table, you’ll need to gather plenty of oak wood (it may go without saying, but this can only be obtained from oak trees).

Once you’ve got a crafting table, you’ll be able to build the equipment that you need in order to mine more useful resources and, in the long run, build a much better house.

Building a house using materials such as cobblestone will keep you much safer, more protected and more secure than a house built from wood alone.

Playing on our oneblock skyblock server? Break your oneblock generator to get blocks such as wood, sticks, chests, items and even ores. A crafting table will be essential for these items, so be sure to craft it early on.

Not Everything Wants To Warn You

While some monsters, like Creepers, have a signature noise that signals they are close by, not all mobs make noises that will warn you of their imminent attack!

It’s best to stay vigilant and always keep an eye out, turning around every so often to make sure that there’s no creatures ready to attack you from behind. Remember, it’s much easier to sneak past a monster than to run from it once it’s spotted you, so remembering to double check you aren’t being following by an in-game enemy is super important!

Build A Farm!

You’ll need to eat to keep your health up in the game, and you can save yourself a whole lot of hassle by having your food source close to your home base. The best way to do this is to create yourself a farm – this will allow you to keep sources of food, as well as other resources such as wool, nearby and easy to find!

You should start by crafting yourself some fencing, which can be done using oak wood planks and sticks. Once you have this, arrange it into a square near your home.

You then need to get some animals to the pen. Do this by finding some out and about, then luring them back – if you hold out their favourite food, they should just follow you. To lure pigs back, use carrots. If you want chickens, use seed. As for sheep and cows, they’ll follow you home if you tempt them with some wheat.

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