Minecraft Survival Server 1.17

OneBlock MC
Minecraft Survival Server 1.17

So, you've been playing single-player for a few weeks and are now looking to join a multiplayer survival server! See how to play, top gameplay tips and ways to make the most of your experience.

🎮 Server IP: join.oneblockmc.com 🎮

All the survival servers are running on the latest Minecraft 1.17 version.

How do you join a Minecraft survival server?

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Add Server
    Server Name: OneBlock MC
    Server Address: hub.oneblockmc.com
  4. Done! Start playing Survival.

The best servers are similar to traditional single-player but with fun addons to make it safe and fulfilling for all types of players. On the right side of your screen, you will see your balance. You can buy and sell items, which regularly rotate, to earn money and trade with other players. Go mining and you will begin to learn a new skill. These are mcMMO skills and there's over 14 to explore and level up on your adventure.


Lots of players choose to setup markets and shops using the chest shop addon. This allows you turn any chest into a personal shop which others player can purchase from automatically. Simply punch a chest with an item to begin. This is a great way to interact and meet other players on your multiplayer journey.

When playing the survival server be sure to claim your land to protect it from being destroyed. If your land is protected, it cannot be modified by other players and is all yours! Press the [F] Key to open the Survival Menu or right-click a golden shovel in opposite corners of an area to create a claim.

What sets servers such as OneBlock MC apart is our beautiful worlds. There's plenty of worlds to choose from, even normal Minecraft biomes if that is what you prefer. Explore custom terrain with new trees, structures and ruins. There are lots of places to choose from and you are sure to find the perfect place to setup home. For those players that prefer a harder server experience, why not choose Mars? The tough environment which has player combat enabled is not for the faint hearted. Scavenge the wastelands in search of your next base.

Minecraft mars survival world

Wanna take things up a notch? Survive in the harsh Mars world. PvP is on here and it is patrolled by Martian mobs.

We also have a normal Minecraft world for those that would enjoy all that default terrain has to offer. You can setup homes in multiple worlds and claim land in any that you please!

One of the main ways to obtain money is through clue quests. When you join the server you will be given a Clue Scroll. Complete the clues (example: Mine 36 iron ore) and work your through the quest in order to complete it. There's lots of different quests to complete.

Level up a variety of different skills and abilities with mcMMO. To read more about how you can unlock double drops read our mcMMO level guide.

Survival is playable from the OneBlock lobby and is completely seperate to our other game modes. There is plenty more to be discovered in-game, we look forward to seeing you online!

If you’re looking for a new Minecraft survival server to join, you have plenty of options. Many players love the traditional survival mode of the game, and tons of servers have popped up to accommodate. There’s a lot of selection, which can be both good and bad- it’s great to have a lot of choice, but too much can feel overwhelming.

Survival multiplayer trading area

Are survival servers good?

If you are looking to make friends and take part in a vast multiplayer world then you may enjoy playing on survival servers. We ensure that our servers are fully moderated, but we currently welcome thousands of new players week. There's lots of new features such as new enchantments and quests, plus regular new events. However, if you do not want to play with other people then it may be best to stick to Minecraft single-player.

How to get started

You will first spawn in the survival lobby. In front of you, a shiny NPC will help you start your adventure. Simply click to open the world menu. You can travel between worlds and even move worlds whenever you like, so pick any world to begin with. Some players choose to start with the normal Minecraft terrain they are familiar with and then relocate to the fantasy world later on.

When you've chosen a world, you will be randomly dropped somewhere in the world. Start exploring and look for somewhere to setup base. When you've found somewhere that you'd like to call home, run the command '/sethome' to set a home. This is essentially a waypoint that will allow you to come back later. To come back later on, run '/home'.

Now that you've found the perfect place to setup your survival home, it's time to protect it! Press the [F] Key to open the Survival Menu and click Land Claiming. Follow the in-game instructions to create a land claim. Once your land is protected, it is yours to build and modify however you like! Whether you'd like to build a lighthouse or a nuclear base, the the possibilities are endless.

To interact with other players on the server, press T to open the chat box. Type a message such as 'Hi!' to introduce yourself and meet other players. You can earn money by selling to the server merchants. Money can be used for trading with other players in chat and on the auction house. Almost every item in the game is regularly traded by players!

Survival Servers Address


Last updated: Feb 23, 2021

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