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Beautiful Survival Worlds

Fantasy World
Fantasy World

The Fantasy World is made up of beautiful custom terrain and is perfect for those aesthetic builds! PvP is disabled here.

Mars World
Mars World

Wanna take things up a notch? Survive in the harsh Mars world. PvP is on here and it is patrolled by Martian mobs.

We also have a normal Minecraft world for those that would enjoy all that default terrain has to offer. You can setup homes in multiple worlds and claim land in any that you please!

Truly 1.16

Running Minecraft 1.16 you are able to obtain Netherite and explore all the new Nether has to offer.

Real Minecraft Survival

The Trader Merchant will buy new items from you each week, so earning money won't be as simple as clicking vindicators all day! 😉

A limited amount of items will be available from the in-game shop, as we would like to encourage exploring and trading with other players. You will obtain most of your items through the auction house or by getting them yourself! There are no spawners available in the shops, so you will need to setup base around naturally occuring spawners!

Land Protection

You will use claim blocks to protect your land. Earn claim blocks by playing on the server, voting every day and more. Team up with friends for builds if you wish. You can earn an unlimited amount of claim blocks, great for those mega builds I know you have planned...

You can setup [WELCOME] signs and /visit other players as well so you can interact in a similar way to OneBlock SkyBlock.

Clue Quests

One of the main ways to obtain money is through clue quests. When you join the server you will be given a Clue Scroll. Complete the clues (example: Mine 36 iron ore) and work your through the quest in order to complete it. There's lots of different quests to complete.

Survival is playable from the OneBlock lobby and is completely seperate to our other game modes. There is plenty more to be discovered in-game, we look forward to seeing you online!

IP: hub.oneblockmc.com