Spawn, Scavenge, Survive: Tips and Tricks from My First Day on LifeSteal!

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Spawn, Scavenge, Survive: Tips and Tricks from My First Day on LifeSteal!

Join Packz as they stumble through the heart-pumping world of Minecraft LifeSteal! Watch them embrace new missions, scavenge villages & more!

Hello my super cool and super fresh friends! In today’s post, I will be talking about the new Lifesteal server and my first 2 hours on it! This isn’t a review, this isn’t me gloating about the server, this is my honest playthrough. I hope you guys enjoy my blog playthrough of my journey on Lifesteal and hope to see you guys on there soon!

Spawn Surprise

Embarking on my Lifesteal adventure, I found myself in a fantastic spawn area. Taking a leisurely couple minutes to explore, I scoped out some potential helpful NPC’s for my upcoming journey. To my surprise, I discovered I held the humble "Member" rank. A quick chat complaint led me to a new rank system, accessed through the "Ranks" NPC. Excitement bubbled like a soda within me as I looked at the new ranks. It was a little weird and frustrating at first not having my rank, but after reading about the new rank system I was humbled quite fast. The new ranks are actually pretty balanced and pretty cool actually. It was nice to see a top rank that wasn’t “Netherite” in the chat!

Starter Kit & Teleport Chaos

Eager to kickstart my adventure, I typed /kit starter for some freebies, followed by /rtp to teleport randomly. I grabbed a cup of water, a grilled cheese sandwich, and just like that my quest had officially begun!

Teleporting near a severely raided village, I scavenged for survival essentials like pumpkin seeds and sweet berries. Engaging in a bit of village raiding, I gathered wheat seeds, potatoes, a bed, a crafting table, and more torches. A promising start for my survival endeavors. With the village in shambles, I headed North. I know for a fact those villagers were not happy with me.

Flower Power & Positive Vibes

During my journey, I encountered some pretty flowers, promptly breaking them to enhance my future house aesthetics. A lot of people on the server care about grinding and making the most efficient farms. I mostly care about if my house looks good hehe. I also harvested trees, preparing for the challenges ahead. Along the way, a random sign caught my attention! It had a heartwarming message amidst the hardcore Minecraft chaos. I just had to show you this screenshot. It was really cool seeing something positive that reflects our community we have here on Oneblock!

Lifesteal server sign

Nether Portal Debate & Village Takeover

Facing a pivotal decision, a lonely Nether Portal beckoned me.  I sat there thinking to myself “Do I take the chance to travel through the Nether? Could I find another portal in the Nether and maybe find a base?” Contemplating the risks, I opted to continue walking.

Fortune favoured my choice, as not even 100 blocks later,  I stumbled upon a less raided village just a short distance away. Wheat, blocks, and a ravine awaited me. I regained my health and hunger, raided the chests that had seeds in them, and then claimed a little house in the corner of the village. This would be my base, where I planned to mine ores later at the nearby ravine. I ended up not being able to mine that because I got chased by 3 skeleton horses with skeletons on them and cowarded back into that small house.

Lifesteal Starter House
Starter House

Mission Intrigue

While in the house I found out that there were missions. I usually am the player who hates missions and grinding (look at my islands on every realm and you’ll see that) but these missions actually seemed really fun. I started killing some zombies and skeletons, that weren’t on horses, to start gaining some of those numbers. Honestly, I’m just doing it for the free stuff you get from it.

Lifesteal Server Missions

Building & Farming

I went ahead and started to make my house and a nice little farm. I planted my teeny tiny bit of wheat, potatoes, and beetroot. I absolutely shredded through my Starter Kit steak and was starting to already take damage due to hunger. I built my little farm and waited for them to grow. I didn’t just want to sit there and do nothing, so I went ahead and got more wood, logs, and cobblestone for my house.

Minecraft Lifesteal Farm

Death & Tombstone Surprise

As I was coming home to my house I saw a little friend right near my bed. A creeper. You can’t spot it in the screenshot, but there’s a zombie just outside of the frame. I stood on top of this cobblestone pillar hoping it would either despawn or walk away but it kept moving forward towards my bed.

I knew, inevitably, I would have to go down and lure these things away. As I went to jump off, I got knocked off by a skeleton, flew in the air by a creeper, and was killed by a zombie. I had died, and with Lifesteal’s new feature, had lost a heart.

Minecraft Lifesteal Death Screen
Death Screen

After dying I had teleported back to spawn. Not only did I not take advantage of the free /sethome command, I also had beed over 5000 blocks away from my starting base. I had thought “I’m gunna use /rtp to maybe get closer”. I ended up being 10,000 blocks away from my base and ended up walking from spawn.

After a pain staking 20+ minutes I got back to my base and collected my items again. I was really lucky that I had a tombstone yet. If you didn’t know, they have tombstones now on Lifesteal! Essentially, if you die, the server puts your stuff in a chest at your death spot. It was really awesome that I got to keep my progress without having it being cleared by the lag command or someone coming through and yoinking it.

Final Thoughts & Next Steps

Playing with some of the features on the new server was really fun! This was just my first 2 hours playing on the realm and I am eager to play more on it! Maybe I’ll make this a new little blog series! Let me know in our Discord if you guys would enjoy this!

I hope I see you all in the new realm! In my next post, I’ll be going over the team command there and am going to need some players to help me out! Feel free to shoot me a message to join my team if you want some free items on some other realms!

Have a swag day


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