Lifesteal Arrives on OneBlock MC: Thrive or Face Purgatory!

OneBlock MC
Lifesteal Arrives on OneBlock MC: Thrive or Face Purgatory!

Experience Lifesteal on OneBlock MC. Engage in intense PvP, steal hearts, and survive. Are you ready for the challenge?

Our Minecraft Lifesteal server is open now! Come and play!

What is Lifesteal?

Lifesteal is a hardcore survival PvP gamemode. Hearts are the key to the game - gain them by killing players, or lose them by dying. Don't reach zero or you'll be death-banned and sent into Purgatory! Battle Mythical Creatures in the Graveyard, form Gangs and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Lifesteal - Graveyard
Lifesteal - Graveyard



Start the game with 10 hearts. Kill other players to gain a heart, but you lose one when you die too!

Exchange your hearts to prestige and gain +5 permanent heart slots. Prestiging gives you access to the Heart Shop, where you can buy armor, enchanted books, totems and more.

  • Hearts can also be obtained from Heart Containers, which are available as rewards throughout the game
  • Maximum of 30 hearts
  • View your hearts on the Hearts Bar and on the HUD

Be careful; once you lose all your hearts, you are death-banned!

Death Bans & Purgatory:

Once you are death-banned, you are sent to purgatory and banished from the game. Complete a variety of challenges in order to free yourself and rejoin the world.

Want to skip? Teammates can use a Purgatory Revive Item to free you from purgatory and these can be obtained via various means.

If you don't want to complete the Purgatory challenges, you can wait out your deathban and then rejoin the world.


Team up with your friends to form gangs! Gangs make it easy to communicate with your friends, share warps, money and more.

Compete with other gangs for a place on the /gang top leaderboard! You are not allowed to ally with other gangs this season.

Level up your gang to set more homes, receive rewards and compete on the leaderboard. There are five gang ranks:

  • Rookie - Permissions: Deposit Money
  • Associate - Permissions: Deposit Money, Teleport to Gang Homes
  • Hitman - Permissions: Deposit Money, Teleport to Gang Homes, Invite Players
  • Underboss - Permissions: Deposit Money, Teleport to Gang Homes, Invite Players, Set/Delete Homes, Level Up, Withdraw Money
  • Boss - Permissions: All
Lifesteal - Custom Crafting
Lifesteal - Custom Crafting


The Graveyard is a dangerous place home to mythical creatures including Vampires, Werewolves, Bosses and more. Make sure to gear up before heading into the Graveyard, as the mobs do a lot more damage compared to normal mobs!

The creatures have a low chance of dropping custom items into your inventory that can be used to craft armor pieces with special abilities.

You will lose your inventory and a heart if you die in this world.

  • Custom Items: Internal Blood, Parrot Feather, Ectoplasm, Guardian Spike, Magic Crystals, Phantom Scale & Aqua Essence
  • Recipes: Recipes to craft armor pieces can be found in spawn! Make sure to craft it exactly how it is shown.
  • Special Armor Pieces:
    • Devil Helmet: Strength II
    • Talaria Boots: Jump Boost II
    • Krampus Helmet: Damage Resistance II
    • Azure Boots: Speed II
    • Each armor piece is Netherite with Prot 4 & Unbreaking 4.


Complete Daily Missions to earn rewards on Lifesteal. Work your way up through the Prestiges to unlock additional missions!

Lifesteal - Custom Mobs
Lifesteal - Custom Mobs


  • Custom Enchants: Upgrade your tools with dozens of custom enchants
  • Events: Take part in King of the Hill, loot Supply Drops and loot vote parties!
  • Tombstones: When you die, a Tombstone chest will appear at your death location which stores your loot for a few minutes.
  • Cosmetics: Unlock a variety of hats, backpacks, wings and more. Equip them in the /wardrobe.

Blood Shop:

To ensure the sustainability and continuous development of Lifesteal, we are introducing a fresh rank system, purchasable in-game. This approach allows us to dedicate more resources to developing and maintaining this exciting new mode. Ranks, crate keys and items are available with the new Blood currency which can be purchsed from our store. Thank you for your continued support.


  • Is there Land Claiming? Nope - this is a hardcore survival PvP gamemode!
  • How long will each season last? Approx. 3 months.
  • Do I get a rank on Lifesteal? Lifesteal uses a new in-game rank system. All ranks will continue to apply to the realms you purchased them on at the date of purchase.
  • What version of PvP will Lifesteal be? 1.19
  • Will there be mcMMO? Yes, besides swords & axes.
  • Will the rules be different? Yes, be sure to look at the updated rules for Lifesteal.

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