Minecraft Bedrock Port: How To Join

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Minecraft Bedrock Port: How To Join
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

On the go, but want to play some new Minecraft games? You may have come across the servers section. Learn how to add the port and play popular games such as one block in this guide.

What is a port? Why is it required in Minecraft?

When you add an external server to Minecraft, the server address you enter is actually a website url. That is why it may look similar, e.g: bedrock.oneblockmc.com. Port 80 is used as the internet protocol you use to read this article.

When you add a server in Minecraft bedrock, the standard 19132 port is used as the protocol. This is how you can use what looks like a website address to join a Minecraft server! On Java edition, you don't need to add a port number if it uses the standard 25565 option! The more you know.

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How to put the port in Minecraft bedrock

When you go to "Add External Server" in Minecraft bedrock, you are given the option to add the server address and port of your choice. This is usually supplied by the server that are you are trying to join.

The most common port, as mentioned above, is 19132. If you are just given the server address, such as bedrock.oneblockmc.com, start by trying this out. The add server screen is the only location that you need to add the server and port.

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Play Minecraft Bedrock on PC

While Minecraft bedrock is commonly associated with mobile, it can also be played on desktop. If you play Minecraft Windows 10, which is downloadable from the Windows store, it is actually the same bedrock edition. Although you could be using Java edition on PC, bedrock is available with this method.

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The most popular servers are those available in the featured section of the game. However, those are not the only servers you can play on. Some of the top servers from Java edition can now be played on bedrock edition and some of these are just as big!

Why does Minecraft bedrock look weird?

If you have played Java edition lots, bedrock may look unfamilar at first. This is because it is designed to be a mobile game. It is made in a different language to the Java edition version of the game. So while they are still the same game, they are very different of the hood! This may be you think it looks "weird" in comparison. They still get the same updates and allow you to immerse yourself in the fun game that is Minecraft!

I don't know the port number, what is it?

If the server you are trying to play on hasn't provided a port, try the default option of 19132. This is the most common port that is used by all the popular Bedrock servers! Can't find a server to play on? Try adding server address bedrock.oneblockmc.com:19132 and enjoy lots of fun new games.

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