OneBlock: Advanced Minecraft Guide

OneBlock MC
OneBlock: Advanced Minecraft Guide

Getting the hang of OneBlock SkyBlock? Want to ascend to the next level in the game? See our advanced guide below for our top tips on reaching the top of your chosen realm.

Getting the hang of OneBlock SkyBlock? Want to ascend to the next level in the game? See our advanced guide below for our top tips on reaching the top of your chosen realm.

Mob Spawners

One of the favorite ways among our top players to make money is with Mob Spawners. Purchase Spawner Keys in-game and head to the crates to get a mob spawner. You will receive a random mob spawner which you can then place on your island to reap the rewards.

As the shop refreshes regularly, the drops from your mob spawners may appear in the in-game shop which you can sell for money. Player shops are very popular on OneBlock; so if the items are not in the shop, why not make a player shop?

Player Shops

Create your own shop on your island and design it exactly how you want! Whether you want to create a minecraft cave shop, a player mall or even a player market; the options are endless. To create a player shop, simply punch a chest with the item in-hand that you would like to sell. It will then create a chest shop which you can restock as players buy from your shop.

It is up to you how you advertise your shop. You could create an island warp by placing a sign with [WELCOME] at the top. Players can then teleport to your island by running /visit YourName. Let players know in chat what items you are selling and why your shop is worth visiting!

Island Phases

As you work through the game you will unlock new oneblock island phases. Every time you unlock a new phase, you can go back to it in-game by running /phases. This allows you to go back to different levels and farm your chosen blocks. Low on Snow? Head back to the Winter Phase and start farming! Please note that when you switch phase, you will still level up as you keep mining.

OneBlock Advanced Minecraft Island
OneBlock Advanced Minecraft Island


Available on our latest realms, take advantage of Minions to complete tasks on your island. Minions are small mascots which can be purchased from /keys.

OneBlock MC Minions

  • MINER: The Miner will mine the block in-front direclty in front. Some players use this to farm cobblestone generators!
  • SLAYER: The Slayer will kill mobs within a small area around the minion. It could be helpful to place this near your OneBlock so you can mine it with some protection from the mobs!
  • COLLECTOR: Don't like messy items on the floor? Nor do we! Use the Collector Minion to pick up items in a small radius around the minion.
  • FEEDER: Got a few minions all nearby? Use the Feeder to replenish their food automatically. Once a minion runs out of feed, it will stop working. But don't worry, it will not be deleted.
  • LUMBERJACK: Chop wood within a small area of your minion. This could helpful for farming trees using saplings from your oneblock.
  • FARMER: Create automated farms using the farmer minions. Place them across a large farm to automatically reap the rewards!
  • FISHER: Got a pond? Time to make one! Use the Fisher Minion to fish in front of a water pool on your island!

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