Minecraft Minigames Guide

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Minecraft Minigames Guide
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

See what mini games in Minecraft are, how to play with friends, 2 player mini games and more. Play the Minecraft minigames servers now.

Minigames are small arcade-type games in Minecraft. They usually last anywhere up to 30 minutes and you can play with your friends. They are free to play on Minecraft servers and have been one of the most popular genres since the game was created.

Unlike persistent games such as Minecraft creative servers, your progress is not saved. Every time you login, you can play a new round. Get new items which you can use to further your progress.

What Are Mini Games In Minecraft?

You start by joining a Minecraft server and selecting the mini game of your choice. They are many to choose from including Minecraft manhunt servers. The lobby fills up with players, in this case, there are 4. Once the game is filled, you are spawned in the world. You can play as many rounds as you like, usually collecting rewards if you win. Your progress resets each time, but the objectives are usually the same!

Minecraft PvP Player

Minecraft Multiplayer

The easiest way to play minigames is on multiplayer servers. Select a server and join it to play for free with others. There is usually hundreds of others online on the best Minecraft servers. Ensure that you are playing on the latest version of Minecraft for the best compatibility.

While it is possible to create minigames with redstone or other tools, the more popular games are made with server plugins. This makes it possible for there to be automatic rounds, powerups and more creativity with challenges and objectives.

Manhunt Guide in Minecraft

2 Player Minigames

Playing with a friend and looking for a new game to play? Try Manhunt! There are three survivors and one hunter. Become the survivors and complete all the objectives before the hunter finds you. You spawn in a randomly generated world and need to complete a set of tasks before you are hunted to win. Got an extra player? They can be the hunter. Search the map using the tools such as the compass to find the survivors.

Are Minigames Still In Minecraft?

Of course! Minigames are still one of the most popular genres in the game. While they were more servers a few years ago, there are still many servers with mini games. Play the fully automated Manhunt gamemode on OneBlock MC and take on all the crafting challenges without being caught. Other gamemodes such as oneblock contain mini game events such as king of the hill too!

Manhunt Minecraft Server Lobby

Minigames With Friends

One of the top features of mini games is that you can play with friends. Team up and take on all the games. There are other games that you can play with friends too. One of these is oneblock. You can team up with other players and work together to expand your island. Complete quests, battle in the arena, fight to be the king of the hill and explore the adventure islands together. Earn money by setting up farms and more on your sky island. Minecraft is a very collaborative game.

How To Play Minecraft Minigames

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Add Server (Name: Minigames, Address: hunt.oneblockmc.com)
  4. Done! Start Playing

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