Minecraft Manhunt Server

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Minecraft Manhunt Server

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You may have heard of one of the newest minigames in Minecraft: Manhunt. Perhaps you’re looking for a server to play on or you want some tips on how to play. Get the most out of your game with a few tips, instructions on how to play, and how to play our server.  Read on to learn more.

OneBlock MC offers a premium Manhunt experience with thousands playing every week. We have an in-house development team to ensure that your Manhunt experience is as smooth as possible. We have 30,000 monthly players across OneBlock, Manhunt, Survival, SkyBlock and more.  

Manhunt Minigame

This game mode is a variant of speedrunning. Manhunt in Minecraft is exactly as it sounds – you’re trying to stay alive while hunters are trying to kill you. Be sure to keep your track of your hotbar as hunter, as there are various skills and abilties you can activate. Survivor's; take advantage of the head start to begin completing your tasks. The game can get quite intense!

Usually, the game is set up for 2-4 people. A plan is made before the game executes to keep it organized. You will either be the ‘Survivor’ or the ‘Hunter.’ Survivors need complete their tasks either within the time limit or before the hunter catches up. It’s best to avoid the monsters/hunters as they can respawn immediately. Iron armor is also a good idea.

If you’re a hunter, your only goal is to kill the runner. As a runner, it’s a good idea to get iron armor as soon as possible. You may be gifted a compass that points in the direction of the runner so that you can always find them. Even if you die, it should respawn in your inventory after your death.

Spawn in a randomly generated Minecraft map.

3x Survivors have various tasks to complete in order to win the game.

However, there is a time limit. But that's not all, 1x Hunter will be chasing down the survivors with the aim of killing them before the timer runs out.

The game requires advanced Minecraft knowledge as you will be going against the clock to win the game.

Our Manhunt runs on Minecraft version 1.16+, so you can take advantage of all the new blocks and items. Do not worry though, we use the same combat as in earlier versions of Minecraft for the most fun.

How to Play

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Click "Multiplayer"
  3. Click "Add Server"
  4. Server Details:
    5. Server Name: OneBlock MC
    6. Server Address: hunt.oneblockmc.com
    7. Click to join!

Tips & Tricks

  1. Practice Minecraft Speedrunning in Survival
  2. Be familiar with the Nether & End worlds
  3. Survivor? Place Lava around portals!
  4. Watch Speedrunner vs Hunters videos on YouTube
  5. Don't leave a trail (if you don't want to be found, of course. Pick that crafting table up)
  6. Practice Parkour & moving around Minecraft quickly
  7. Plan your strategy before playing
  8. Know your recipes! Tasks will require knowledge of how to craft various Minecraft items (or... have Google open!)

Minecraft Manhunt Server: How to play

Is there a Minecraft manhunt server?

Yes. To play, join the server address: hunt.oneblockmc.com. If you would like more information, read here on our website.

Last updated: January 21, 2021.

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