Minecraft Manhunt Server: How to play

OneBlock MC
Minecraft Manhunt Server: How to play

Millions of us have seen the popular Manhunt series on YouTube by now. You may have even thought about playing yourself... but doesn't it seem complicated installing a map?

On OneBlock MC, you can play the Manhunt minigame on a server which requires no installations or downloads! To play, open Minecraft and complete the following steps:

  1. Click the 'Multiplayer' button on the main menu
  2. Click 'Add Server' towards the bottom right

Server Name: OneBlock MC

Server Address: play.oneblockmc.com

3. Click done and start playing Manhunt!

Manhunt Minecraft Server Lobby
Manhunt Minecraft Server Lobby

Manhunt Tips

  1. Use the starting time to assess your surroundings. Look for villages, lava and even nether portals.
  2. If you are Hunter, remember to use your Random Teleport ability! It is good to use it shortly after the game has started, when they have spent time getting wood and tools. Random teleport them and they wil need to do it all again! You can use it multiple times, so don't forget.
  3. Survivors, stick to caves and caverns and try to avoid running across wide open areas such as deserts. The Hunter might just spot ya quicker!
  4. Since Minecraft 1.16, Nether ruins can spawn in the main world! Locate one to quickly get to the Nether for those valuable resources such as Netherite.
  5. Mine forward and down at the same time.
  6. Doors can displace lava and water! Avoid burning alive! Try to keep some doors no you if you can spare the resources.

Manhunt Server Info

Manhunt runs on Minecraft 1.16.4, so make sure that you are playing on 1.16 as a minimum. However, the server uses combat similar to Minecraft 1.8 so it is the best of both worlds.

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