Minecraft 1.19 Server: How To Play [2022]

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Minecraft 1.19 Server: How To Play [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you are looking to play on a Minecraft 1.19 server, there is lots of choice available. Blockbuster games like One Block are on 1.19, as well as more Arcade style options like TNT Tag.

How Do You Play On Servers?

To play on Minecraft servers, all you need is a valid Minecraft account. For most Minecraft servers, such as one block skyblock, Java edition is preferred. Install and open the game, then head to the multiplayer menu to get started. Enter the server address of your choice to start playing.

lobby on minecraft servers 1.19

Minecraft 1.19 New Blocks

When you play on the Minecraft servers, the blocks and items available will depend on the server version. If the server is running on the Minecraft 1.19 version, then new monsters such as the Warden will be available. On Minecraft server networks, the base server version will usually be displayed in the lobby menu.

It is common for the top Minecraft servers to support multiple versions. Some may offer all versions ranging from 1.8, which was released in 2014, to 1.19 which came out in June 2022.

minecraft server 1.19 survival

What 1.19 Servers Are There?

There are 1.19 servers on all of the popular game modes, including skyblock and minigames. Team up with friends and co-op on an island together or go head-to-head in king of the hill. If you know any of the top game modes, there will be servers available with them on the 1.19 version!

  • SkyBlock: Get a small island in the sky and transform it into a huge world. Take advantage of mechanics such as item generators, which allow you to generate infinite blocks. Explore new worlds in a vast universe which is much larger than the small island you start with.
  • Survival: Survival is a popular game mode for those that want to collaborate with other players. As you cannot play with others in singleplayer, multiplayer makes this happen. Team up on mega projects such as towns and more. Take part in a huge multiplayer economy which has player trading, marketplaces and even auction houses to participate in.
  • OneBlock: Minecraft, but with just one block..! Unlike survival mode where there are millions of blocks, in oneblock you start the game with just one. Break your block to generate new ones and expand your island. Go it solo or team up with other players.
  • Creative: Creative mode is similar to that of singleplayer, except you get a huge building plot! It is placed inside a large world, where you can visit and interact with other players. Use all the blocks in the game to work on beautiful buildings that wouldn't be achievable in survival mode.
  • Minigames: Head into game modes such as TNT Tag for some quick Arcade-style fun. They are all multiplayer and great if you want to play something different.

Minecraft 1.19 Server IP: play.oneblockmc.com

player on minecraft server ip

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Last Updated: June 22, 2022

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