Creative Mode Servers For Minecraft: Beginner's Guide [2022]

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Creative Mode Servers For Minecraft: Beginner's Guide [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Creative mode servers for Minecraft allow you to jump into creative, but with other players. If you are new to this game mode, read this guide to learn more and get started.

How To Get Creative Mode On Minecraft Servers

To play creative mode in multiplayer, you need to play on Minecraft creative servers. These are a type of server available to play on in the multiplayer section, which are dedicated to creative mode. You join lots of other players in a huge world and get your own plot to build on. Use new types of building tools which you won't find in singleplayer to perfect your craft.

Starting Tips For Multiplayer Creative

  1. Start building in the center of your given land
  2. On the majority of servers, your land is protected from other players when you begin
  3. You can allow other players to build using server commands
  4. Teleport to other players to see what they are building
  5. Get involved in building competitions and events
forest player on minecraft creative

Creative Mode Server IP

Creative server IP is Play with the latest version of Minecraft for the best experience. Follow the community rules at all times when in a multiplayer environment.

Are Creative Servers Free?

Yes. All the popular creative servers which you can play are free. They often provide freemium upgrades which help to pay for the servers upkeep. There are no transactions built into Minecraft Java edition. This means that you don't need to worry about in-app purchases when you join a server address, for example.

multiplayer plot player in minecraft

Can You Play Creative On A Server?

Yes. Just like you can choose creative mode in singleplayer, there are multiplayer servers which are just for creative. They are often slightly different to their singleplayer counterpart though. More often than not, you will be placed in a huge world made up of large plots.

Build next to other players in a huge multiplayer community and meet up with other players to see what they are building. You can team up in the same plot and work together.

Feature List

  • Plot Worlds
  • Teleport To Friends
  • Building Contests & Competitions
  • Plot Ratings & Leaderboards
  • Rank Ups
  • Explore Other Player's Builds
  • New Items Like BlockCar's To Be Unlocked
  • Hall of Fame
  • Skin Contests
  • Teaming
player in a minecraft creative plot

Minecraft Creative: Get Started
Minecraft Creative Servers: 5 Summer Builds

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