Minecraft Creative: Get Started [2022]

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Minecraft Creative: Get Started [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Minecraft creative is in the name. Take on huge building projects and bringing all your ideas to life. Use all the tools, blocks and items to create masterpieces for years to come. See how to get started on Minecraft creative in this guide.

What is Minecraft creative?

In Survival mode, your aim is to reach the end game while unlocking new items and tools along the way. In creative, it is all building. Join Minecraft Creative servers and work together with friends on creating buildings, bases, homes or whatever your imagination can come up with. From tiny homes to huge skyscrapers, it is all possible on creative mode.

Singleplayer vs Multiplayer

One of the common questions that players may have when playing is, do you go for singleplayer or multiplayer?

  • Singleplayer: This is how Creative mode started. You play solo in a private world, which has been generated just like a normal Survival world. One of the bigger benefits compared to multiplayer is that it is easy to save & export your world file. For larger builds, which are more common on Creative, this can be handy.

  • Multiplayer: If you've come across a huge mega build and thought wow, it was likely on a multiplayer server! Multiplayer allows you the ability to team up with other players and work together. It is more common for the world to be made up of plots, where you receive a large flat piece of land in a huge world. You can fly around visiting other players and seeing what all the other players have made. However, to export your build, you will likely need to add a mod to your game. There are also server-side mods, which can make it easy to complete tasks such as editing the world!

minecraft city neon building

Minecraft creative multiplayer server IP

The server IP is play.oneblockmc.com. Learn more about Minecraft servers with creative and read more on the game, from one of the largest providers in multiplayer.

What is the goal of Minecraft creative?

Unlike survival mode or one block, there is not the same type of progression with advancements, levels or worlds to unlock. However, that doesn't mean to say that you can't have goals or objectives when playing in creative mode. If you set out to build a city, your goal would be to complete that city. Unlike survival, it may take years rather than a matter of weeks!

minecraft creative building skyscraper

Flying in Minecraft creative

It is not just unlimited items that you receive in creative mode. You can also fly! To start, you just need to double tap your space bar while you are in creative. To check that you are not in Survival, ensure that there are no hearts above your hotbar. This would mean that you are in Survival and could take damage!

Can you die in Minecraft creative?

Things do not hurt you in creative mode. This means that you can't die from falling in lava or get hurt by monsters. You can't die traditionally, the only way would be is if you ran a command.

signs in minecraft creative mode building

Last Updated: July 26, 2022

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