When You First Login To SkyBlock Minecraft Servers

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When You First Login To SkyBlock Minecraft Servers

If you haven't played skyblock before, or even a Minecraft server, it can be rather different to what you might expect! Catch players with cool effects, overpowered monsters and stunning buildings. Learn more about what to expect and start playing now.

Minecraft Server Network

When you first login to the Minecraft skyblock servers, you will see many players online. Your primary objective when you login to the server is to choose one of the game modes. Each game, including SkyBlock, has a small description of the game.

Your progress is separate on every game and realm that you play on. Feel free to explore each game to see which you like best. From there, you can head back to the network lobby by running the /hub command or rejoining.

skyblock minecraft servers arch point

Game Chat

For many, the game chat is one of the best elements about the multiplayer server. Get to know other players and organise events, builds and pvp battles. The chat is moderated, so ensure that you read the rules before taking part.

Minecraft skyblock contains lots of events which are announced through the game chat. These may be the regular supply drops or the pvp events such as king of the hill. If you are just starting out, we recommend waiting to participate in these until you have powerful items.

sunset on atlantis minecraft spawn

What To Look Out For

  • Fishing Contests: These will be advertised in the game chat. All you need to do is head to a pond and start fishing to participate. They are great for early-game players as they are more luck based. You could win useful prizes if you win!
  • Community Contests & Events: Friendly players often host giveaways and events usually aimed at newer players such as yourself! If you want to get a head start, this could be a simple way. There are rules to prevent rule breakers & scammers, so there isn't much for you to worry about. For example, one contest may be a skin contest, where all the participants are judged to see who is wearing the best skin.
  • Chat Games: There are often puzzles and chat games taking place. Look out in the multiplayer chat for more information. Some of these only require you to be online for, such as the credit draw. For example, every 15 minutes, a random player may be selected to receive a handful of credits. You can use these to buy chat tags, perks and more!
  • Use Common Sense! It Is Multiplayer: While the game is moderated and there are a team of friendly moderators, always remember that is a public server. One Block MC is played by thousands of people each day and rule breakers are swiftly punished. However, this may not be instant, so use common sense when interacting with other players.

Selecting Your SkyBlock Server Island

The game starts by choosing your island. If you want a classic experience like the old-school maps, there's a default map to choose. For those who've played Minecraft servers with skyblock more or want something different, there's larger islands and even pairs of islands you can choose from. The larger islands make for less of a challenge when starting out and can be helpful if you plan to team up.

The larger skyblock islands often include cobblestone generators. These can be identified by a small 1x4 area with lava, water and cobblestone in between them. If you mine the cobblestone, it will regenerate with various different blocks.

Cobblestone generators can also be built by hand if you start on a smaller island. Mining the generator is one of the best ways to start out in the game. You can obtain all kinds of blocks used to make new tools and expand your island!

We hope this guide covers of what to expect when logging into the skyblock servers. Load up the latest version of Minecraft and start playing with the server IP address play.oneblockmc.com!

atlantis in minecraft ocean island

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