Tips for Playing SkyBlock Efficiently

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Tips for Playing SkyBlock Efficiently

SkyBlock is all about limited resources, making it one of the most challenging Minecraft game modes around.

In order to succeed on SkyBlock, you have to manage your resources well, keep waste to a minimum, and use all kinds of unique strategies that aren't necessary for standard survival or one block skyblock.

In this article, we’re going to go over a bunch of these different strategies and share some of our top tips for success so that you can excel in your own SkyBlock world. Many of these strategies will also prove useful in a OneBlock world, so why not try them out there too?

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Use half slabs where possible

When expanding your SkyBlock server island, always use half slabs if you can, as it’ll help save you a lot of time and resources. When you start out, you’ll no doubt set up a cobblestone generator to give yourself a supply of blocks, but it takes a while to mine them and get a decent amount in your inventory.

If you're going to expand your island area, do yourself a favour and craft some slabs out of the cobblestone you do get initially so you can half the number of blocks you need. Not sure what design to go with? Why not try out the minecraft creative servers to perfect your next design. After all, why use full blocks when half slabs will do the job perfectly well and save you resources in the process? The same half slab logic applies to wooden planks once you set up a tree farm. If a block has a half slab variant, take advantage of that fact.

Avoid the void

Naturally, you’ll want to avoid falling into the void and losing all your stuff, but you’ll also want to avoid accidentally dropping things down there. This especially applies to limited resources like dirt blocks, which are invaluable in SkyBlock.

If you’re planning on cutting down a tree or breaking valuable blocks to move them elsewhere, it’s a good idea to make a safety platform out of cobblestone or something surrounding the area. This means that if any item does drop out of your reach, you’ll still be able to collect it rather than having to helplessly watch it fall into the void, never to be seen again.

Minecraft servers with SkyBlock: renewable farms
Minecraft servers with SkyBlock: renewable farms

Set up renewable resource farms as soon as possible

Renewable resource farms are super important in SkyBlock servers, so if you get your first carrot or potato, don’t just eat it immediately! Use it to set up a crop farm so you can benefit down the line.

Equally, if you’re cutting down your first tree, make sure to collect the saplings and re-plant them as soon as possible. Definitely don’t throw them away, as that way you won’t be getting any more wood for the rest of your adventure.

The sooner you get renewable resource farms started, the sooner you’ll start acquiring unlimited resources. Don’t make the mistake of using up the last of a particular resource that you could’ve set up a farm with.

Keep all your items

Try to keep all your items and avoid throwing things away! Even if something seems like it’ll be useless, it could very well come in handy down the line, so stash it away somewhere rather than throwing it into the void.

Once you set up a tree farm and start getting a steady supply of wood, you’ll be able to craft as many chests as you need to store things in, so don’t worry about running out of space!

If you want to be super-efficient, you can even craft barrels instead of chests to save space and keep your storage area more compact. These storage units can be crafted using six wooden planks and two wooden slabs. They’re relatively new items added in the 1.14 update and don’t require space above them to be opened like chests, making them really useful for storing many items in relatively small spaces. Hooray for barrels!

Minecraft Iron Golem Items
Minecraft Iron Golem Items

Avoid crafting things unnecessarily

Managing your resources carefully is a big part of SkyBlock, and that includes avoiding crafting things unnecessarily. It’s easy to spam click and accidentally make too much of something, but mistakes like that in SkyBlock can be detrimental to your progress, so take extra care.

Keep at least two of each mob

This hopefully goes without saying, but once you start to acquire mobs like pigs, sheep, chickens, and cows, make sure to keep at least two of each species alive at any time. If you’re desperate for resources, you can of course whittle down your numbers, but never go below two, as otherwise breeding won’t be possible and you’ll be left with a single lonely mob.

Of course, it’s not the end of the world if you accidentally do kill all your farm mobs, as you should be able to get some more to spawn. However, it makes your life a whole lot easier if you always keep at least two.

Save your first few iron ingots

Once you set up an iron golem farm in your SkyBlock world, iron ingots will come easily, but it takes a long time to get to that point. Until then, the only way to get iron ingots is by killing zombies, which have a 0.83% chance of dropping them upon death. This makes iron ingots extremely valuable early on in your SkyBlock world, so make sure not to waste them.

You may be tempted to use your first iron ingots on tools or armour, but we’d recommend against it. Iron tools will break over time, so aren’t really worth using your limited iron on, and armour isn’t hugely necessary either with the small number of hostile mob threats you’ll be facing in your SkyBlock world. It’s best to use your first bits of iron on a bucket, cauldron, or something else that’ll come in handy and will last a while.

Final words

There you have it, some of our top tips on how to play SkyBlock efficiently. By following the advice above, you’ll cut out a bunch of the more tedious parts of SkyBlock, and you’ll be at the endgame in no time. Best of luck out there and be sure to refer back to this page as much as you need.

Thanks for reading!

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