Guide to SkyBlock Multiplayer [2022]

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Guide to SkyBlock Multiplayer [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

SkyBlock multiplayer is the online version of the map loved by millions. In this guide, we'll show you how to play and give you starting tips. Read now.

Is SkyBlock Only Singleplayer?

No. While the map download is only for singleplayer, there is a multiplayer version too. Some players consider it to be modded skyblock, as there are lots of new features which are part of it. However, the biggest difference to singleplayer is that there are other players in the world.

medieval house on minecraft skyblock

Multiplayer SkyBlock Map

  • Online mode with other players
  • Team up or play solo
  • Money system
  • Extra enchantments
  • Quests & challenges
  • Minions on your island
  • New tools & weapons
  • Multiplayer events
cave on oneblockmc server

How To Play SkyBlock Multiplayer

To get started on SkyBlock multiplayer, it is much simpler than a map. There are no downloads involved or moving things over to your Minecraft folder. You don't run the risk of installing it incorrectly or for the wrong Minecraft version.

Open Minecraft and go to Multiplayer and then Direct Connect to the Server Address:

Best Tips To Begin

  • If you are playing as a team, work on different areas
  • Start by securing your island
  • Torches or half-slabs stop monster spawning
  • Complete quests to progress
  • Fences are useful if you are prone to falling

End Game Ideas

When you become established on skyblock multiplayer, you may be looking for a new challenge. Often by this point you'll have millions of in-game coins, all the maxed out enchantments and a large island to be proud of. For an extra challenge, why not try out some of these:

  • Recreate an ancient wonder of the world
  • Host a contest for other players
  • Create a shop which can help newer players
  • Take part in server events
  • Get 1 of every item available on that server
  • Build a castle on your island
  • Automate your chest sorting system
multiplayer battle arena on oneblock mc

SkyBlock IP Multiplayer

It is Play solo or as a team and unlock dozens of new features. Make sure that you select the latest version of Minecraft when you open the game. Follow the community guidelines when in an online environment.

Minecraft SkyBlock Rules

Unlike the singleplayer map, there are rules which should be followed on multiplayer servers. These are to help the millions players safe which enjoy playing online each year. You can view the server rules on the server that you are playing on with the command /rules.

Do You Need A Mod For SkyBlock Multiplayer?

No, it can be played by opening your Minecraft and heading to the multiplayer section. From there, you can play all types of game modes such as one block 1.19. This doesn't require any modifications to your client.

Last Updated: August 25, 2022

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