Minecraft Online Vs Offline Guide

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Minecraft Online Vs Offline Guide
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Want to play some Minecraft servers? See how they compare to the offline mode version of the game in this guide. See the similarities and differences and start playing today.

Both the online and offline versions of the game are free-to-play for all those with a Minecraft account. The majority of popular Minecraft servers, including oneblock, are free-to-play! There's all kinds of different game modes and events for all to take part in.

Is Minecraft Online Only?

No! There are two versions: singleplayer and multiplayer. Singleplayer is offline only, while multiplayer is online with other players. There are thousands of servers to choose from, all with different features and games.

shopkeeper minecraft multiplayer mod

Singleplayer Benefits

  • Great for starting out in the game
  • While different servers offer different difficulties, singleplayer allows you to control this
  • You can download the world
  • Create large builds

How To Minecraft Online With Friends?

Open your Minecraft game and head to the multiplayer menu. Find a server from the Minecraft server list, or from searching, and input it under the add server section. Ensure that there are no spaces in the server address to prevent any issues connecting.

The latest version of the game is most compatible with servers! Join with friend and team up using built-in features to the server. Most commonly, you can start a team with the /team command. Just like the server itself, teaming is free.

Multiplayer Benefits

  • Better performance if you are playing on a low-end computer
  • There are lots of fun servers for Minecraft to play
  • Team up with friends
  • Meet thousands of other players
  • Get new mods and perks such as enchantments, minions, robots, mob spawners and more
  • Take part in regular events, updates and competitions
  • Play new game modes such as oneblock, which are harder to play on singleplayer
minecraft multiplayer arena

Is There An Online Version Of Minecraft?

Yes! It is just as popular as the singleplayer version of the game. The largest Minecraft servers played by hundreds of thousands of players each day. They are free-to-play and contain many new gamemodes which cannot be found in the offline version of the game. From massive PvP gamemodes to bulding games, there are plenty of new gamemodes to explore in this genre of the game.

Downsides of Singleplayer

  • It can be lonely
  • More restricting compared to multiplayer games
  • There are no events, contests or tournaments
  • Gameplay can become stale
  • No updates or new mechanics to take advantage of

Minecraft Online With Mods

One of the big benefits playing online is that are lots of new mods to try. Setup minions on your island and they will complete tasks such as farming, hunting monsters and more for you.

Summon a Zues-like lightning bolt in PvP combat with the use of the custom enchantments. Complete different quests each day to keep the game and fun and fresh, even at the later stages.

Tame new pets and disguise as the monsters you were once afraid of in singleplayer!

Control events such as king of the hill for rewards and perks across that game server. What are you waiting for? Give multiplayer a try today!

minecraft cart in multiplayer online

Multiplayer Downsides

  • You may come across rule-breakers and unpleasant people if you do not play on a moderated server
  • New updates and game refreshes may alter gameplay


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