Fun Servers For Minecraft

OneBlock MC
Fun Servers For Minecraft
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Looking for a new Minecraft server to play on? Learn some of the fun servers in Minecraft and the mods they come with. See some idea fun ideas to do in this gameplay guide. Read now and join the server address.

Fun Minecraft Mods For Servers

Minecraft servers add dozens of fun new mods to the game for you to play. From snake mounts to big economies, there's plenty of custom features to ensure you have the most fun. One of the most popular features on oneblock are minions. They complete tasks on your oneblock and can even help you keep monsters away.

The implants custom enchantment gives you the chance to replenish your food every few seconds! Good at crafting? Head onto the Manhunt minigames and complete the tasks before the hunter finds you!

Create a community on the servers full of people. There is no limit to how many people can join the network at once. Make thriving areas with trading, player shops, services and more. The limit is your imagination!

OneBlock SkyBlock Lobby

Fun Java Minecraft Server IP Address

It is There is one block skyblock, survival, manhunt and creative. Open your Minecraft on the latest version and add the server IP in the multiplayer section of the game. Once it has been added, join and start playing.

Fun Creative Servers

Minecraft creative servers give you a plot in a huge world full of players. Everyone is next to each other and you can visit other players. Team up on plots and creates mega builds together. Take part in skin contests, building competitions and more on the latest version of Minecraft. Get all the blocks from the new versions of the game including deepslate, hoglins and sharks.

PvP On Minecraft servers

Fun Ideas To Do On Minecraft Servers

  • Team up on a building
  • Create an overpowered armor set
  • Setup a market for player trading
  • Battle in the PvP arenas
  • Create a whole world from one block

Can You Play On Servers On Minecraft Windows 10?

Yes. You can play on the featured servers or you can add an external server, such as (19132). Join an online community with hundreds of other players. Take part in multiplayer events and competitions just like the players on Java edition!

Custom Features On OneBlock

Are Minecraft Servers OK For Kids?

Yes. The best Minecraft servers have rules and community guidelines in place to keep your child safe. While Mojang themselves do not enforce any standards on multiplayer servers, many of the top servers are by reputable providers. Check out the rules on the respective servers website before joining to be on the safe side.

Fun Servers For Minecraft Java 1.18

  • Open Minecraft: 1.18
  • Multiplayer
  • Add Server

Server Name: OneBlock MC

Server Address:

  • Done. Join.
Windows 10 Server In Minecraft

How Do You Fix Unreachable Server In Minecraft?

Firstly, check that you have entered the server IP address correctly. You can also try Ensure there are no spaces on either side of the address which can be hard to spot! If that does not work, try restarting your Minecraft client. Finally, ensure that you are on the correct version of Minecraft. The latest version usually works the best!

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