Minecraft OneBlock Servers vs Singleplayer

OneBlock MC
Minecraft OneBlock Servers vs Singleplayer

So you're playing Minecraft and aren't sure whether to play singleplayer or hop onto a game like OneBlock. Today we'll compare the differences.

OneBlock Phases

Work towards goals such as unlocking new island phases. See your progress and keep working on your oneblock to make it to the next phase. Get all the blocks in the game just by using your one block as a mine. These achievements and quests are not available on the singleplayer version of the game.

Caves in Minecraft

Vanilla Gameplay

If you like pure gameplay with no addons or extras, singleplayer is perfect for this. There's no commands or ways to unlock items through mods such as the shop or the auction house.

Play through the game from beginning to the end with a straightforward adventure. While this can be achieved on multiplayer servers with some discipline, this is the simplest way to play vanilla.

Polar Bear in Minecraft

Multiplayer Community

OneBlock MC is played by hundreds of players every single day. Take part in the community and meet lots of new players. Support each other with your islands, buy and sell items, and more.

This can bring the game to life and add lots of new hours of fun. Explore the lobby spawn and wander around all the server that are on offer to be played.

Here's some of the top features that Multiplayer offers:

  • Teaming
  • Text & Voice Chat
  • Homes (Set waypoints and teleport back)
  • Economy (Shop, Auction House and more)
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Explore other player's islands
  • PvP Arena
  • King of the Hill
Goats in Minecraft OneBlock

One Block Java & Bedrock

While you can only play solo on singleplayer, multiplayer on the oneblock servers brings the opportunity to play with both java & bedrock players. This lets all kinds of people play together, from those on a mobile device to those on high end gaming PCs! Explore the nether together with no downloads required. With plenty of versions supported, you are sure to meet all kinds of players online.

Minecraft 1.18 Caves

Creative Mode

While one block is survival mode, singleplayer also gives you the option to play in creative mode. While there are Minecraft creative servers, there is also the solo option available. Build anything with any block you like, customising the worlds while you play.

Singleplayer also provides the benefit of allowing to play on snapshots on versions 1.18 & 1.19. You can also take advantage of this to design your next oneblock island to use on multiplayer.

However, the one downside of this is that there is no one to show off your builds to! While on multiplayer, you can add other players to your plots and journey through creative together.

Minecraft Singleplayer hut


Singleplayer provides you with a series of achievements and advancements to work through. These are great for getting to grips with the Minecraft game. Minecraft Oneblock servers are regularly updated and let you work through phases, quests and challenges.

The difference here is that on multiplayer you get rewards for completing the quests. Earn crate keys which you can redeem for rewards. Trade them with other players, level up and work your way through the island phases.

Stray in Minecraft


On singleplayer, you can adjust the amount of mobs you see when you play. From peaceful to hard, it is completely customisable. This is great for setting the difficulty when you play.

However, the one downside is that you may be tempted to adjust it when you find yourself in a sticky situation!

On multiplayer, you cannot change the difficulty or the amount of mobs you see. There's also boss level mobs you can fight on adventure islands for extra rewards. If you find yourself in a battle you have to see it through.

Rare Items

Playing on one block, there are hundreds of new items that you can unlock. New enchantments, armor sets and more are unlockable when you play. Blocks that are not available in singleplayer, such as spawners, are also available.

Create farms on your island with minions, spawners and more to unlock EXP. EXP has new utilities on the minecraft server as it is also used as a form of currency.

Tinker items, get new books and more to upgrade your character. Enjoy lots of new content to enhance your experience that is not available on singleplayer.

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