Minecraft Manhunt Strategy Guide

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Minecraft Manhunt Strategy Guide

If you’ve never tried Minecraft Manhunt before, you definitely need to, as it’s one of the most thrilling and exciting Minecraft game modes around.

Popularised by the YouTuber Dream over the last year, Manhunt is a take on speedrunning where runners need to do everything they can to complete tasks or beat the game as fast as possible without dying at the hands of the hunters. Pretty awesome, right? Minecraft Manhunt servers are often filled with intense moments and action, so if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, be sure to check out the Manhunt game mode on our OneBlock MC server when you get the chance!

Manhunt isn’t easy, so we’ve come up with a strategy guide to help you out, whether you’re a complete beginner or have already given the game mode a go and are looking to improve. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Runners vs hunters

Let’s start with the basics. In Manhunt, players are allocated into two different groups – the runners and the hunters. 1 hunter typically plays against 3 runners on OneBlock MC, though you can change these numbers freely if you're playing on a private server. Dream has played as the sole runner against up to 5 hunters in the past, so if you're keen on a challenge you could totally recreate that!

If you’re a runner, you’ll get a bit of a head start in Manhunt so that you have a bit of time to prepare before the game begins. Make the most of this time as you won’t have long before the hunter is set loose on you!

Hunters get no head start, but they do get access to a compass which shows them the direction in which the nearest runner is. This keeps the game tense for runners, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

Now that we’ve talked over the basics, let’s go over some strategies, starting with some for runners.

Tips and tricks for runners

As a runner, there’s a 30-minute time limit for completing your tasks. Not only this, but you’ve got a relentless hunter on your tail the whole time, so it’ll be good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you avoid them. Everything is outlined below, so read on if you’re keen to know more.

Keep moving

If you want to survive in Manhunt, it’s important to stay on your toes and keep moving. Staying still makes you an easy target, so do what you can to make it harder for the hunter to pinpoint your location.

Avoid leaving a trail

You want to give as little information as possible to the hunter regarding your whereabouts, so make sure to not leave a trail behind whenever you’re passing through an area. Using a crafting table? Be sure to pick it up after you’re done with it. Building a nether portal? Do it in a cave or somewhere underground where it can’t be seen or heard easily. Being as discreet as possible to stop the hunter from finding you is key in Manhunt, so always keep it in the back of your mind to cover up your tracks as you rush to complete your tasks.

Minecraft Manhunt Servers Portal
Minecraft Manhunt Servers Portal

Practice speedrunning and parkour techniques

Manhunt is all about completing tasks as quickly as possible, so by practising speedrunning the game in a singleplayer survival world you’ll be at a significant advantage. Try to learn most of the main Minecraft crafting recipes off by heart too if you can as you’ll save some time by not having to look them up.

Parkour is also good to practice because if the hunter finds you and ends up right on your tail, knowing a few good jumping techniques may just be what helps you stay in front of your pursuer and avoid their incoming melee attacks.

Set traps for the hunter

If you’re feeling particularly mischievous, you can set traps for the hunter and lure them in so they meet their doom. This kind of strategy requires a bit of preparation but is 100% worth it if you can pull it off as it’ll take time for the hunter to track you down again once they respawn. One of the best traps in Manhunt involves placing lava around a nether portal after you teleport through it, as it means anyone following you will be met with a nasty surprise on the other side of the portal. If you’re looking for inspiration for your traps, be sure to check out Dream’s Manhunt videos on YouTube as he comes up with a bunch of cool ones during his games.

Use boats

A boat is your best friend in Manhunt, as swimming around in one makes it really difficult for a hunter to catch up to you and land any hits. Always be sure to craft one if you're planning on crossing an ocean during your game.

One fun thing to note about boats is that you can use them to cross lava if you time your placements and jumps correctly. It's not exactly a technique for beginners, but it's super useful as an advanced tactic for if you get cornered in the Nether. Here's a clip of Dream trying out this very strategy in one of his own Manhunt games:

Minecraft Dream - Manhunt Boats

Tips and tricks for hunters

Hunting is generally easier than being a runner, but by no means does that make it a trivial task. We’ve got tips and tricks below to help you be the best hunter around.

Place beds down

Beds act as respawn points in Minecraft, so by placing them down regularly you’ll be able to get straight back to your loot with ease if you ever happen to die during the Manhunt game. Hide your bed well, too, as if the runner finds it and destroys it you may end up super far away if you die and have to respawn.

Set traps for the runners

As a hunter, you can also place traps for the runners. Nether portal traps are good, but you can also set some up at a nearby stronghold where you know the runners will be heading in their quest to reach the End.

Minecraft Manhunt Trail
Minecraft Manhunt Trail

Take time to prepare

Runners will likely be rushing to get their tasks done and won’t invest a lot of time into crafting good armour and weapons, so take advantage of this! Spend some time gathering resources like iron so you can craft the best gear and get an edge over your opponents. There’s no harm in making some spare armour and weapons to leave in a chest next to a bed, too, in case you happen to die.

Thanks for reading

Well, there you have it, the end of our Minecraft Manhunt strategy guide. We hope you've learned something new and are keen to try out this thrilling game mode for yourself. We have a dedicated Manhunt section on our OneBlock MC java server, so be sure to join us there when you get the chance.

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