Minecraft Creative Servers Vs Survival

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Minecraft Creative Servers Vs Survival

The two original gamemodes in Minecraft. Both are available to play on OneBlock MC for free! Learn more about these games and how they compare. See which you should play next.

The two original gamemodes in Minecraft. Both are available to play on OneBlock MC for free! Learn more about these games and how they compare. See which you should play next. Read now and start playing today!

Collecting Resources

If you enjoy collecting resources and progressing through the game; this is only possible in survival. You start with nothing and collect the resources needed to unlock all the items. This contrasts to creative minecraft servers; where you jump straight into building with all the items available to you. The multiplayer aspect of survival brings new types of items which you can unlock too! From claim blocks to protect your land, to crate keys and new boosters to improve your experience.

Minecraft Creative Servers Compared


There is no exploration on Minecraft creative servers! You start with your huge plot of land which can be turned into any building project you desire. Terraform the land and lay it out however you like. Turn your creative mode plot into a masterpiece either by yourself or with friends.

Travel around the active community and see all the different plots that other players have created. However, that is all the exploration that is available on creative. Play the survival servers to explore different Minecraft worlds, warps and player bases.

The world is usually 20,000x20,000+ blocks and includes all the new updates from recent versions of the game. Adventure into the new Nether and take on hoglins, zoglins and search for the new nether fortress.

Minecraft Survival Exploration

Minecraft Building Projects

Creative Minecraft has always been about building projects. Whether you want to recreate a land mark or create one of your own, this is the Minecraft server that you choose. Get access to powerful building tools such as WorldEdit to manipulate large areas of land at once.

Team up with as many friends as you like to work on the project. OneBlock MC is one of the few Minecraft servers that uses the newer versions of Minecraft. Get new blocks from updates such as aquatic and nether which make new color palettes possible.


Enjoy completing challenges and working your way through quests? The survival server is the one for you. There are regular new updates with features such as new quests, items to unlock and updates across the entire OneBlock MC network. The creative server is more of a free building game, with less structures and objectives in place. However, there are building contests which you can take part in to win prizes across the server!

building on minecraft servers


The amazing cloud network makes it possible to create large-scale teams. Plot customisation settings allow you add other players, trust them and work together in the same plot. You could even claim plots side-by-side and create an even bigger community across multiple plots. Whether you want to create a city, or simply want to build together with friends in multiplayer, creative is the best option.

Play both of these gamemodes on the best Minecraft server today. Direct connect in Minecraft multiplayer to the IP address: play.oneblockmc.com and select the game of your choice. Play on the latest version of Minecraft for the best experience possible!

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