Minecraft Building Servers Guide [2022]

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Minecraft Building Servers Guide [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

For many Minecraft players, building is the highlight. From magical palaces to underground bunkers, the possibilities are endless. Building servers makes team building possible. In this guide, see how to play and get started.

Building Games in Minecraft

Building games are made possible in multiplayer on Minecraft creative servers. Get your own plot of land and create whatever you can imagine. Team up with friends on buildings or go head-to-head in building events. There are all kinds of building games to choose from!

If you prefer to build alone, there are still benefits to playing on the building servers. These include features such as WorldEdit which allows you manipulate large portions of land at once.

How To Play

  1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition
  2. Go to the Multiplayer menu
  3. Add Server

Enter the server details of the game you would like to play.
This will include the server address, e.g. mc.oneblock.net

  1. Start Playing
creative buildings in minecraft

Minecraft Server Where You Can Build

For servers that you can build on, you will be looking for a server with creative mode. Creative mode takes away the survival element of Minecraft and lets you build with all the blocks that are in the game.

Fly around your world and design your area however you imagine! Unlike other game modes, there is no resource limit and the huge plots make it easy to get started.

Are Creative Minecraft Servers Free?

Yes they are. All of the biggest and most popular servers are free to play on. They are similar to games like Fortnite; where in-app purchases can be purchased for upgrades. However, there is no upfront cost to playing. When you join a server address in the multiplayer section, it is not possible for you to be charged!

Building Ideas

  • Bunker
  • Medieval House
  • Palace
  • City
  • Earth Recreation
  • Lighthouse
  • Dojo
  • Space Station
  • Apartment Block
  • Beach Island
creative mode on minecraft servers

World Edit

You might have heard about WorldEdit on creative servers, but you may be wondering, what is it? It is a tool which is added onto Minecraft servers from the server-side.

It allows you to manipulate the world by changing multiple blocks at once. You can set walls to any block of your choice, clear areas, or even create special shapes. Join a server and read the instructions for that specific game to begin.

minecraft servers with creative cityscape

Minecraft Building Server IP

Server IP address: play.oneblockmc.com.

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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