Minecraft BedWars: Strategy Guide

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Minecraft BedWars: Strategy Guide

BedWars is a popular survival mini-game that features on many Minecraft servers. Games are intense and can last a while, but they're great fun to play, especially with friends, so we'd highly recommend you give this mini-game a shot.

If you're new to Minecraft BedWars Servers and are keen to know more about what it's all about, be sure to read on as we've compiled all the best tips and info about the game to help you secure your first wins.

Let’s get straight to it.

How Minecraft BedWars works

BedWars can be played with a team or solo, with the over-arching objective being to fight others and survive as long as you can. When you spawn in, you start on your own island and have access to two shops that you'll need to take advantage of in order to win.

Alongside the shops, every team also starts the game with a bed that acts as a respawn point. When your bed is broken, you lose the ability to respawn, so protect it with your life! However, by the same logic, you can break other teams' beds to hinder their progress in the game. Whichever team is the last one standing at the end of the game is crowned the winner, so by breaking beds and eliminating other players, you push your team one step closer to victory.

It seems simple enough, but there's a lot of strategy involved with Minecraft BedWars, which you'll need to be aware of if you plan on winning. We'll talk about that more in a bit, but first, let's go over a few more aspects of the gameplay.

BedWars Server

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Resource generators

Every team island has a resource generator at the back of it that drops iron and gold at regular intervals. You’ll want to collect plenty of these metals as they act as currency and can be used to purchase various items and upgrades in the shops.

Alongside iron and gold generators, there are also diamond and emerald generators in Minecraft BedWars. Diamond generators can be found on small islands dotted about the map whereas emerald generators are found somewhere on the map’s central island. Like iron and gold, diamonds and emeralds can also be used as currency and are typically used to purchase more powerful items/upgrades.

Next, let’s talk about the kinds of things you can purchase in the shops.

Minecraft BedWars Server Shopkeeper
Minecraft BedWars Server Shopkeeper

The two in-game shops

As mentioned before, each team has access to two shops on their starting island. First up, you’ve got the item shop, in which you can expect to find some of the following things:

· Blocks – There are usually various blocks available including wool, wood, end stone, and obsidian. In Minecraft BedWars, blocks are often used for either bridging between islands or for covering and protecting beds.

· Weapons – Both swords and bows are available, depending on your playstyle. We'd recommend getting one of each if you can so that you're able to fight other players effectively at both short and long range.

· Tools – Tools will come in handy for breaking a variety of blocks. Many players use obsidian to cover their beds, so it's useful to have a strong pickaxe on hand if you're planning on raiding another team’s island.

· Armour – Purchasing strong armour could save your life, so it’s always worth getting some if you can afford it.

· Special items – Potions, fireballs, and golden apples are some other items you can expect to find in your item shop. These special items are quite expensive, so be prepared to spend a few emeralds on them.

It’s worth noting that most items you purchase from the shop in Minecraft BedWars will be lost on death, with the exception of armour. Therefore, it’s good to take advantage of your team island’s storage chest so that you don't accidentally lose everything you've spent precious resources on.

Next, let’s go over some of the upgrades you can expect to find in the upgrade shop:

· Weapon and armour upgrades – In addition to purchasing stronger gear, you can spend some resources to add enchantments to it. Sharpness can be added to swords to deal more damage, and varying levels of protection can be added to armour, too.

· Generator upgrades – These upgrades increase the spawn rate of resources from team island generators. They're perhaps the most useful upgrades in the game, so we'd highly recommend you get them as early as you can. If you upgrade your generator enough, you can even get it to start spawning rarer resources like diamonds and emeralds!

· Healing upgrade – Most Minecraft BedWars servers will have some kind of healing upgrade available that boosts regeneration when you’re at or near your team island. This will definitely come in handy when you’re defending your bed from enemies, so be sure to get it.

Upgrades are incredibly useful, so we'd highly recommend you invest in them early on in your BedWars game to get the most out of them.

Defending your bed

Minecraft BedWars involves a careful balance between offence and defence, with defence being arguably the more important one. So, let's go over a few tips to help ensure your bed doesn't get destroyed early on.

Firstly, if you’re playing a team game of BedWars, it’s always a good idea to designate someone as a defender. Their responsibility will be to protect the bed and be on the lookout for intruders. This allows the rest of the team to head out, collect resources, and raid other islands without having to worry so much.

You’ll also want to cover your bed with the strongest blocks available to help protect it. Though you may initially only be able to afford wool or wood, it will still nonetheless stall intruders and potentially prevent them from breaking your bed. Then, once you collect enough resources, you’ll be able to purchase stronger blocks like obsidian to cover your bed with.

Minecraft BedWars Bridge
Minecraft BedWars Bridge


To close out our Minecraft BedWars strategy guide let's talk a little bit about bridging techniques because you won't be able to get anywhere in the game without knowing how to bridge properly.

The most common technique is standard crouch bridging, which involves crouching and placing blocks while moving backwards. Though it’s not the fastest technique in the world, it does the job and is very safe, seeing as you can't fall off a block while crouching. Just be wary of players shooting arrows at you because one hit could easily knock you off into the void!

If you're looking to bridge a bit faster, the next step up is ninja bridging. It's much the same as standard crouch bridging, but you let go of the crouch button after each newly placed block to move a bit faster. Just be sure to crouch again before you reach the end of your new block, otherwise you'll fall!

We'll leave it at that, but if you're keen to learn even more advanced techniques, be sure to check out Breezily and god bridging tutorials online. They’re incredibly difficult to master, but you can definitely do it with enough time and patience. Good luck!

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