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Minecraft BedWars Server

Play the Minecraft BedWars server on OneBlock MC. No download required. See how to play bedwars and join now!

🎮 Minecraft IP: bed.oneblockmc.com 🎮

BedWars is one of the most exciting and easy Minecraft minigames there is. You have two objectives:

  1. Protect your bed
  2. Destroy enemy beds

Welcome to BedWars by OneBlock MC! We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an exclusive Minecraft bedwars server for the high-intensity PvP game.

In BedWars, the stakes are raised every minute. You race against time and other players to gain better weapons and armour, build a strong defence around your bed, and eliminate other players by destroying their beds. Unlike other minigames, such as Minecraft Manhunt, the gameplay can go up to twenty minutes, meaning you can explore the map and enjoy the gameplay.

Minecraft Bedwars - Enemy Bed
Minecraft Bedwars - Enemy Bed

How do you get Minecraft Bedwars?

With an entire server dedicated to bedwars, we offer a greater variety of maps, items, and frequent events. We’ve made sure that no two games of bedwars will ever be the same.

Join the Bedwars Server IP: bed.oneblockmc.com

You begin by spawning on a small sky island. Every player gets their small corner of the OneBlock MC world, at first safe from other players. There’s a bed (for protecting), a shop with merchants to buy items and upgrades, as well as a summoner that spawns iron, which is the main currency to buy weapons and blocks. To gain diamonds and emeralds, you have to buy blocks to create a bridge from your spawn point to the main island.

Be on the lookout - everyone else will be trying to get to the main island, and once you’ve built a bridge from it to your spawn point, they can try to destroy your bed!

You can protect your bed by buying blocks from the merchants, and building a defense around your bed so enemy players won’t be able to get through.

Beware - you can respawn as many times as you want, but once your bed is destroyed, you can’t respawn - you’re on your last life!

To win, you’ll have to be eliminate all of your opponents. To eliminate them, you’ll have to destroy their beds first.

There’s no better time than the present  to jump on for a game - our IP is:


What strategy will you use to win?

Some BedWars server tactics

After you’ve played a couple of bedwars minecraft server games, with a share of wins and losses, there’s a fair chance that you’ll begin to notice that some things work, whilst others don’t.

The key to making sure that the balance swings in your favour is by focusing on what strategies and tactics work, and ensuring that you use them throughout. So we’ve compiled a 5 point list of useful moves to keep in mind and use throughout as you’re working towards that victory.

1. Assign a defense position - if you’re playing on a team, chances are that most of your team will rush off to other bases and the main camp. Even with a wooden, or even endstone defense around your bed, you won’t get far if there isn’t someone guarding your team’s bed - a few blocks will not withstand four enemy players rushing your base.

2. Don’t bridge straight - your enemies will definitely be using the bridges you build at some point or another. Most likely to rush your base. If you want to have a chance of fighting them off, and not getting knocked into the void, remember to make diagonal, or even stair bridges.

3. Secure the middle base - it’s beyond likely that you’ll face some opposition in the middle island. Everyone is, after all, rushing there, too. The emerald generator in the middle is valuable, and if you can secure the middle base by fighting any incomers off, even for a little while, then you can gain a considerable advantage over them. The more resources you have, the quicker you can upgrade your weapons, armour, and base defences.

4. Use dead bases - the spawn points of teams whose bed and players are gone should be anything but ignored. Particularly when you haven’t upgraded the speed of your iron and gold generator to the max. Capturing those dead bases, and using their supplies to the fullest, means that not only do you control more ground - but you have more resources on your side, too. It’s probably worth considering, though, that the longer you are away from your base, the less defended it is.

5. Don’t let enemy bridges sit around - they’re gateways for enemy players to continue coming back to your base, or for them to get to the middle island. Unless you’re rushing the enemy, or considering rushing them in the near future, doing anything to slow them down and impair their attack on you is generally considered a good strategic move. So - destroy or harm enemy bridges. Don’t make it easy for them.

But there’s no point sitting around and just talking theory - try out these strategies now at:


Minecraft BedWars Sky Island
Minecraft BedWars Sky Island

How can I download BedWars on my PC?

Play Minecraft Multiplayer and join the server IP: bed.oneblockmc.com to start playing.

Can you play BedWars on PC?

Yes! OneBlock MC is designed to be played exclusively on PC with Minecraft: Java Edition and is 100% compatible. Simply hop onto Minecraft with your Java account and starting playing on your PC for free.

Last updated: Jan 13, 2021

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