How To Master One Block SkyBlock

OneBlock MC
How To Master One Block SkyBlock

Playing one block skyblock and want to know how to reach the top? In this guide, we'll explain all the common ways that players learn to master this fun island based game. Once you've read the guide, start playing for free on OneBlock MC.

Easy Game Menu

While many Minecraft servers require you to read and memorise a long list of commands, the One Block SkyBlock server makes it easy. Press the F-Key (default) to open the game menu. From here, you can travel to your island, invite players, buy and sell items, enchant your tools and more. It is the quickest way to to learn all the top features available on that oneblock server!

Visit Other Minecraft Islands

The top one block players will often allow you to visit their islands and take a look around. See the top ways that they make money, including how they lay out their mob spawner farms. Different designs and layouts can be more efficient than others. This is a great way to learn and see what works best. You can also get inspiration for different types of buildings, farms, minion layouts and more!

one block world character in lobby

Progress Through The OneBlock Phases

As you mine your oneblock, you will unlock new island phases. We recently ranked which we think are the best oneblock island phases. As you reach new levels in the game, you'll start to come across new mobs and items you may not have seen before.

Why not invite turtles that may spawn into their own pen? This is a great way to learn about all the different mechanics in Minecraft that you may not have spent much time with before. One of the top oneblock skyblock features is that you can go back to phases you have previously unlocked. Simply run the /phases command to get started.

one block fire lobby

Watch Videos & Tutorials

YouTube creators are one of the easiest ways to understand different types of redstone farms, spawner farms and more. Lots of YouTubers including aCookieGod, Sword4000 and more have all made series on the oneblock skyblock game mode. Learn how they designed their islands and get some inspiration for yourself. As lots of YouTubers have played the hardcore variant, join our Hardcore realm to replicate that in multiplayer!

Interact With Other One Block Players

Each one block server may have hundreds of other people playing in the same session as you. There is lots of opportunity to interact with other players and trade, chat and get tips. If you have questions about a certain part of the game, many friendly players will be happy to help you.

In need of a certain enchantment or item? Use the auction house to search and see if another player has it up for auction. If you struggled to acquire it yourself, you could ask for tips on how they got their hands on it!

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