How To Get SkyBlock Guide [2022]

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How To Get SkyBlock Guide [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In this guide, we'll show you how to get the popular SkyBlock game in Minecraft. Choose from a multiplayer server, a map download, or a modpack. Get started now.

SkyBlock in Minecraft

The main premise of SkyBlock is that you land on a small island in the sky. By completing different types of quests and challenges, you can expand into a large sky base. It is vastly different to Survival Minecraft, as it is a much bigger challenge to get started!

See how to start playing below.

oak trees in minecraft

Server Game

One of the main attractions of playing on a server is the possibility for modes like 2 player skyblock. Not only can you team up, but it takes less than 30 seconds to get started. There are no downloads or changes to your Minecraft game required.

Java: If you're playing on Minecraft: Java Edition (PC/Mac/Linux), it is likely on Java Edition. This is the classic version of the game which has been around since 2011!

Open Minecraft > Multiplayer > Direct Connect: and choose SkyBlock to play.

Bedrock: The Bedrock version of Minecraft is on mobile, but it is also the version which you can get from the Microsoft Store. To begin with this version, open Minecraft > Servers > Add External Server: Port: 19132.

Enjoy lots of new features depending on which server you play on. It is best to choose a trusted & highly-voted server by players. This will ensure that you get the best experience, without any bugs or issues that effect the game. New features like adventure worlds, robot minions and more can make the game much more enjoyable too!

minecraft parrot


The map version of SkyBlock can be found online from various locations. Once you have chosen the map you want, it has to be downloaded and imported into your .Minecraft > Saves folder. You can then select it from the singleplayer menu.


While it is less well-known, there are SkyBlock modpacks available. These are better for high-end PC gamers, as they can have much higher system requirements. Take on skyblock with new items, blocks and more.

house on skyblock in minecraft

Is It A Seed?

SkyBlock is not a seed which you can add into Minecraft. It has to be added as a map into singleplayer, or you can join a multiplayer server.

How To Get Items (Iron, Diamonds, etc.)

In multiplayer, the skyblock game has a money economy. You can earn money from buying & selling items, completing quests, tasks and more. Purchase new items and diamonds from the item shop. On singleplayer, items are much harder to obtain. On certain maps, you can earn item rewards from advancements.

Cobblestone Generator

How To Get SkyBlock Pets

Pets are a feature which are only available on multiplayer servers. When you play a server, you can read the in-game wiki which will be provided. From there, it will explain how to obtain pets. They are commonly available with in-game money or as quest rewards.

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2022

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