Hardcore One Block: How To Guide [2022]

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Hardcore One Block: How To Guide [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Minecraft, but with OneBlock and in Hardcore mode. In this how-to guide, learn more about the map and whether any mods are needed to play. See the server address and all the tips & tricks.

What Is Minecraft OneBlock Hardcore?

Minecraft hardcore meets one block 1.19 in this trending new variant of the game mode. In One Block, you play Minecraft but with just one block. You break your block to get new worlds and expand into a large world. Complete quests and challenges on the side to progress.

Paired with Hardcore mode, this is a much more challenging map. If you die, you lose your progress. In singleplayer this could mean the end of the world, or in multiplayer you could be death banned! You'll also lose a percentage of your money when in multiplayer.

The sky based environment makes it much more challenging than a traditional Hardcore world. You can't use the terrain to your advantage to outrun your enemies. If you try to fun, you could fall into the void and fail the game.

oneblock hardcore merchant

How To Play With No Downloads

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Direct Connect: play.oneblockmc.com
  4. Choose OneBlock Hardcore

Is One Block On Java Or Bedrock?

OneBlock is a popular Minecraft game mode which can be played on both Java & Bedrock edition. OneBlock MC provides cross play Minecraft servers where you can play together on both versions.

castle tower in minecraft multiplayer server

Tips For Survival

  • Slabs: Monsters cannot spawn on slabs. Use them to expand your island whilst preventing them from spawning. If a mob spawns and you die, you will fail the game.
  • Water: In the sky, you run the risk of falling off your island and failing. You can place water blocks at the corners of your base. They will form a waterfall into the void which you can land in if you fall. This could be the difference between life and death!
  • Magic Enchantments: When you play on the multiplayer version, you have access to custom enchantments. These are not available in the singleplayer map. You can obtain them using in-game experience or by trading with other players. Reinforce your character and create defensive armor sets for the best chance of survival.

Island Farms

Farms are an essential part of any skyblock game. Not only do they provide food, but also additional items and resources. On multiplayer, they are even more important. You can sell your yields to the server shop in exchange for money.

Purchase new items and tools to assist with your adventure. There's all kinds of farms you can make and they can scale to an almost infinite size. From cocoa bean farms to sugar cane farms, there's plenty to get stuck into.

What's The Minecraft Mod?

If you're wondering whether One Block Hardcore is a map, the answer is no. While there may be modpacks available, it is available most commonly as a map or a multiplayer server.

The multiplayer server forms a huge community of thousands of OneBlock players. Play all different types of oneblock servers, ranging from casual to the new Hardcore variant.

mascot on hardcore oneblock

Server Address for One Block Hardcore:

Go to Minecraft > Multiplayer > Add Server:

  • Server Name: OneBlock MC
  • Server Address: play.oneblockmc.com

Last Updated: August 22, 2022

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